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As a business professional or consultant, your area of expertise allows you to build a client base and assist others on their journey towards professional success. However, the same advice meant to help your clients may end up hurting you in a messy legal battle.

Without business insurance, giving “bad advice” isn’t the only thing that could get in your way.

Thimble’s Business Insurance protects you if you make a mistake that leads to a financial loss or a lawsuit. Buy coverage when you need it and focus on growing your professional service business versus paying for coverage when you’re not working.

Who is covered under a professional service insurance policy?

Professional Service insurance from Thimble is customized to meet your needs. We cover the following professions and activities:

Types of insurance professional services businesses need

The professional services industry encompasses any career where clients hire you for your expertise, from consultants to decorators to life coaches. Business insurance can cover you from common risks these occupations share.

Anyone providing professional services should consider these insurance types:

  • General liability insurance
  • Professional liability insurance
  • Equipment insurance
  • Commercial property insurance

General liability insurance

General liability insurance is essential when your professional services bring you face-to-face with third parties. It provides the investigation, legal defense, and settlements for third-party claims related to the following:

Non-employee bodily injury – Should a client incur an injury due to the work you’re performing, they could sue you. For example, if you’re staging a house that’s about to go on the market and the real estate agent trips over an out-of-place piece of furniture and falls, they could blame you.

Property damage – As someone that renders professional services, it’s normal to visit clients’ offices and homes. Should you accidentally damage their property while on site, you could be liable.

Personal and advertising injury – As you seek to market your services, you want your customers to understand your unique value proposition and your edge. Should a competitor claim that your messaging or promotional materials are libelous (or infringe on their copyright) they could take you to court.

Professional liability insurance

As a professional service provider, what could be more important than professional liability insurance? It’s in the name, after all.

This particular type of coverage is intended for white-collar professionals who coach, consult with, create for, and cater to clients. More importantly, it provides the investigation, legal defense, and settlement of client claims that state your advice or failure to provide services properly resulted in their financial loss.

Professional liability insurance protects you whether the claims were well-founded or not. While you might be consistent and reliable, you need protection from your clients who can claim otherwise.

Equipment insurance

Whether you rely on multiple pieces of equipment or just your laptop, protect your business against the unexpected cost of replacing or repairing lost or damaged equipment. It’s important to know that general liability insurance does not extend to your owned property, it only protects other people’s property.

You may be thinking “do I really need insurance to protect my equipment?” The answer depends on your level of risk, but with Thimble’s Business Equipment Protection, the cost of equipment insurance is as low as $6 per month for $1,000 in coverage.

We cover both your equipment and leased property in your care, whether the item was lost, stolen, or damaged on the job or when traveling to and from work.

Commercial property insurance

If you operate out of a physical location like an office or studio, you’ll likely want to protect that space the same way you protect yourself and your belongings. Commercial property insurance protects your first-party property, specifically your building structure and the assets inside. Typically, this type of coverage protects against:

  • The cost of repairs and replacements following building damage or defacement
  • Loss, theft, or damage to valuable equipment kept inside and within 100 feet of the premises

Commercial property can also be extended to cover business interruptions following physical damage, including lost revenue.

Why choose Thimble for Professional Services Business Insurance

The same way that your clients trust you to deliver projects and offer expert advice, our clients trust us to provide affordable, easy-to-access business insurance. By simplifying how to purchase insurance, we can do exactly that.

Thimble bundles general liability insurance and professional liability insurance into one convenient professional services coverage.

We provide insurance that works when you do—whether a single hour, a day or two, a full week, or ongoing monthly coverage—because we know what it’s like to work as an independent consultant or professional.

Our Business Equipment Protection protects the equipment you take with you to visit clients.

With the right insurance, you don’t have to worry that your advice or recommendations could sideline your business. Instead, you can focus on helping clients and growing your business.

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