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The 2019 State of Independent Work
November 20, 2019

The gig economy is not what you think it is. We surveyed hundreds of customers to paint the most comprehensive picture of today’s modern workforce.

Growing Your Small Business

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gig workers
Small Business 101

Gig worker 101

What exactly is a gig worker and what’s the difference between gig workers and freelancers? We’ll answer all of these questions and more.

gig economy workers
Small Business 101

Gig economy 101

We break down what exactly the gig economy is and what it means for you as a gig worker, small business owner, or entrepreneur.

Insurance 101

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calendar to show grace period
Insurance 101

Insurance grace period 101

Grace period 101 Insurance binder 101 Grace period length State regulations  What happens when you miss a payment? Thimble & grace periods Get a Quote

handyman with an injury
Insurance 101

Understanding bodily injury liability

Bodily injury defined Bodily injury liability defined Bodily injury limits What is covered Protect your business Get a Quote Human beings are prone to accidents,

buying a coffee showing -
Insurance 101

Vicarious liability explained

Vicarious defined Vicarious liability meaning Employee-employer relationship Circumstances Protect your business Get a Quote It should be no surprise to you that you can be

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Coronavirus and your business

We know your small business has likely been impacted, so we've put together some resources that we think may be useful.