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Your green thumb and passion for outdoor spaces drive your landscaping business. But with trimming trees and maintaining client’s gardens, your business is exposed to significant risk.

Just as you help new saplings grow strong with support and protection, landscaping insurance does the same for your business.

Thimble’s Landscaping Insurance is flexible and affordable. Customize your coverage with instant, on-demand business insurance by the hour, day, week or month.

Who is covered under a landscaping insurance policy?

Landscaping insurance from Thimble is customized to meet your needs. We cover the following professions and activities:

Types of insurance landscaping businesses need

As a landscaper, your job requires interacting with third parties and using dangerous equipment. However, you can mitigate these risks with the right business insurance.

Protect your landscaping business against the risks of the job with insurance coverage including:

  • General liability insurance
  • Equipment insurance
  • Commercial property insurance

General liability insurance

General liability insurance provides coverage in the event that a third party, such as a customer or bystander, falls victim to any number of circumstances. It provides the investigation, defense, and settlement for claims such as:

Non-employee bodily injury – You’re trimming the hedges in a client’s yard and you leave a pair of garden shears in the driveway. As the client is walking towards their car, they trip over the shears and injure themselves. (However, you need workers’ compensation to cover injury to your own employees.)

Property damage – While mowing a client’s lawn, your mower throws a rock and shatters their window. You could be liable for that property damage.

Personal and advertising injury – To help bring in new customers, you launched an ad campaign highlighting your 5-star reviews. One review calls out a competitor. While you didn’t write the review, the competitor could sue you for libel.

Equipment Insurance

You depend on your tools and equipment, from hedging shears to lawn mowers. While a new rake might not be expensive, repairing or replacing some other equipment can be a larger expense.

Are you thinking, “Doesn’t general liability insurance cover property damage?” You’re correct, but the key is damage to third-party property (other people’s property), not your property. You need a separate type of coverage for your own gear.

Thimble’s Business Equipment Protection covers accidental damage, loss, and theft to landscaping equipment you own, rent or borrow, up to a $5,000 coverage limit. Best of all, any equipment less than $2,500 is covered with our blanket coverage. Typically, you need to list out (or “schedule”) each item you want covered in your policy. We know you’ve got other things to focus on (like growing your business), instead of updating your policy with new equipment.

Commercial property insurance

As your landscaping business grows, you may need to lease or purchase a building for office space or storing your equipment. If so, you will likely also need commercial property insurance. This first-party coverage protects the building structure that you own, the area around it, and any equipment or business property inside and within 100 feet of the structure.

Although similar to Business Equipment Protection, commercial property insurance protects business equipment within or near your building, such as computers and printers. In comparison, Business Equipment Protection protects any equipment and tools you take with you to job sites.

Why choose Thimble for Landscaping Insurance

Whether you are a gardener or lawn care professional, accommodating your clients’ needs is part of the job. You need landscaping insurance that’s there just when you need it, whether that’s five minutes before a last-minute booking or months in advance. Some clients may even require that you have it.

Flexible, on-demand landscaping liability insurance means you choose your coverage length. Whether you need an hour, day, week, or month – you’re covered.

Thimble covers any gear valued under $2,500 through blanket equipment insurance. With other policies, you have to list the equipment you want to be covered. And if you need a higher coverage limit, you can purchase an additional $2,500 in coverage. You love working with your hands and know how to make gardens blossom. It’s time to help your business bloom with the support and protection of landscaping insurance.

Ready to get started? Just click “Get a Quote” or download the Thimble app, answer a few questions, and we’ll generate an instant quote. Click to purchase and we will send your policy and Certificate of Insurance (COI) to your inbox. We’ll send you as many COIs as you need, and when you need them, at no additional cost.

Do I need landscaping business insurance if my clients have homeowner’s insurance?

Yes. These policies cover very different things. Your client’s homeowner’s insurance protects your client from risks associated with fire, theft, and other events that may cause damage to their home. Landscaping liability insurance protects you in case you are responsible for an accident that causes third-party damages while you are working for the client.

How much does landscaping insurance cost?

The cost of your landscaping insurance depends on a few factors including where you work, your coverage limit, the size of your team, and the length of your coverage. Based on Thimble policies sold, landscaping insurance costs range between $8 per hour and $43 per month.

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