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Why do I need Pressure Washing Insurance?

Pressure washing isn’t the most death defying occupation on the market, and you probably didn’t get into the pressure washing business for an adrenaline rush. So, all this considered, why would you need pressure washing insurance?

Despite its steady nature, a pressure washing career comes with a handful of risks that are associated with most any career. To make sure your pressure washing business stays in business, you need to protect yourself from financial risks. And the best way to do that is by purchasing general liability insurance designed for pressure washers. 

Not to mention, most clients and partners will require you to come to the table with your own pressure washing business insurance—and a Certificate of Insurance to verify your coverage.

Pressure washing insurance can help you access right-now opportunities and protect yourself from future financial risks. And with Thimble, you can make it happen all with a few clicks.

What does Pressure Washing Insurance cover?

To better understand why pressure washing liability insurance works, you should consider the different kinds of risks a typical policy could respond to. With the purchase of Pressure Washing Liability Insurance, you will be protected against claims of third-party bodily injury and property damage. Here are a few examples of liabilities that Pressure Washing Insurance covers: 

Third-party, non-employee bodily injury: Imagine you’re sprucing up the exterior of your client’s home. They have a white house, but the springtime pollen has essentially turned it yellow. They enlist you to pressure wash their home and get it back to its pristine resting state. However, while you’re performing your job, your client comes out to deliver you a glass of water. On the way, he trips over the pressure washer hose that leads from your truck to you. He breaks his wrist in the fall. 

Third-party property damage: To reach your clients’ porch and pressure wash it, you have to walk through their home and, most importantly, their in-house rare gems collection. As you make your way to the porch, your elbow grazes a gem’s display case, which was already perched precariously. The display case shifts, and the gem falls to the ground, shattering into thousands of pieces. Your client demands compensation for the gem, and it’s no small sum. You’re able to file a claim with your pressure washing General Liability Insurance policy for third party damage, so you don’t have to bankroll the gem replacement out-of-pocket.

Defense costs: Even if you do everything right, you’re still vulnerable to unfounded claims. If a customer files a claim against you—no matter how far-fetched it might be—you still have to pay for defense costs.

For example, imagine that a client said your pressure washing services made their paint chip and, as a result of the chipping paint, their house sold for less than it was worth otherwise. They sue you for the difference they think the chipped paint made in the house’s price.

You’re sure you did an amazing job on the house, and you’ve never made paint chip in your entire career, but you’ll have to pay for a lawyer to help you prove that. Fortunately, your pressure washing General Liability Insurance covers defense costs, so you don’t have to pay out of pocket to lawyer up.

How much does Pressure Washing Insurance cost?

With Thimble, you can purchase policies by the hour, day, and month, so you’ll only pay for the time you’re working. Get an instant quote to better understand exactly how much it will cost.


What if I only need coverage for a few hours?

No problem. With Thimble, if you’re purchasing insurance for a one-off pressure washing gig, then the duration of your coverage could be as short as an hour. On the other hand, if you’re booking pressure washing jobs year-round, then purchasing insurance for a longer-term basis could be the more cost effective option.

Luckily, the pressure washing insurance that Thimble arranges allows you to customize your policy length down to the hour, so you’ll only have to pay for the coverage you actually need.

How quickly can I get a Certificate of Insurance?

If you use Thimble to purchase small business insurance for power washing services, you’ll be able to access your Certificate of Insurance (COI) instantly. Whether you need to pull your COI up immediately after purchasing your policy, or you need to access it months later to confirm the details of your coverage, you can access your COI through the Thimble app.

What are the policy limits?

The Pressure Washing Insurance arranged by Thimble can come with either a $1,000,000 or a $2,000,000 policy limit. Deciding to invest in a higher policy limit could mean the difference between partial and complete claim coverage.

How do I get Pressure Washing Insurance with Thimble?

Now that you’re familiar with the ins and outs of insurance for power washing businesses, your next steps to coverage are as simple as a few clicks. Get coverage when you need it in less than 60 seconds. 

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