About Us

Thimble makes insurance simple, to help businesses succeed on their own terms.

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We work hard to make it easy for over 120 professions including handymen, DJs, pet sitters, beauticians, and more to get insurance and take on that next opportunity.

We do this by re-imagining the small business insurance policy from the ground up:

1. Thimble is on-demand.

You can buy policies only for the time you need, whether that’s a month, a day, or even an hour.

2. Thimble is instant.

We’ve removed a ton of barriers from hold music to 100s of previously required questions so you can get a Certificate of Insurance just hours before your next job.

3. Thimble is flexible.

Once you purchase your policy you can extend, change, or even cancel it right from our app.


Of our customers never had business insurance before Thimble


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Thimble Insurance co-founders Jay Bregman and Eugene Hertz

Taking Off: Our Story

Our founders, Jay Bregman and Eugene Hertz, originally launched Thimble as Verifly in 2016 to bring liability insurance to a growing market of drone operators. Customers loved it, but wanted Thimble to handle their main business insurance, too.

Today, we arrange on-demand insurance solutions for over 100 small business professions. In 2019, we changed our name to Thimble to reflect this evolution.

Company Values

Think Wild, Act Tame

Be relentlessly creative. Question everything. Get to know the rules so well, you can use them in new ways. Be the industry’s compliant radicals.

Green Means GO

Act. Move Forward. Learn. You can only make a decision based on the best information you have — so make it.

Simplify, Simplify, Simplify

Get to the point. Make it crystal clear. Cut everything else. It’s our job to make insurance easy — however hard that is for us.

Own every detail

Be ruthlessly precise. Disciplined. Sweat the small stuff.

Every moment counts

Show up early and ready. Deliver on time or before. Make the most of your time, so others can make the most of theirs.

Stay Human

Treat every person, and their ideas, with respect. Cherish diversity.

Trusted Partners

Thimble allows small businesses to obtain A-rated insurance for every job with the help of some amazing partners.

All Commercial General Liability policies are underwritten by Markel Insurance Company (NYSE: MKL), a Fortune 500 company A-Rated by A.M. Best for financial strength.

All Aviation Liability (drone) policies are underwritten by Global Aerospace, Inc. and backed by its pool of insurance companies that represent some of the most secure and respected names in insurance.