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Thimble offers small business insurance by the job, month, or year, allowing for flexible options catered to your customers’ needs.

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Embedded Partnerships

Embedded Partnerships

Enhance your customer experience by adding Thimble to your checkout using Thimble’s API or widget, or work with us to build a custom solution.

  • Contractor + Gig Platforms
  • Procurement Departments
  • Financial Services
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Compliance Management Partners

Compliance Management Partners

You hire vendors and contractors and want to make sure your insurance requirements are being met. Manage your contractors’ COIs using Thimble’s (free!) Certificate Manager.

  • Property Managers
  • Film + Photo Production
  • Event Vendors
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Insurance Partners

Insurance Partners

Carriers and Aggregators can seamlessly offer a short-term business insurance solution using Thimble’s API, a unique landing page, or custom solution.

  • Insurance Carriers
  • MGAs
  • Aggregators
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Join the hundreds of affiliates who get paid when they refer their audiences to Thimble.

  • Industry Blogs
  • Finance Blogs
  • Publishers
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Build with Thimble

Interested in building something together? Learn more about the power of Thimble’s developer and platform tools.

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Our drop-in Widget allows your customers to purchase insurance directly from your website. It’s simple to implement and doesn’t require an IT department.

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Thimble API

Integrate Thimble with just a few lines of code. Then, your audience can enter just a few parameters and get an instant quote.

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Certificate Manager

Manage compliance all in one place, for free. Organize your insurance needs and easily share with customers to purchase.

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