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The Thimble Certificate Manager helps you make sure your vendors and contractors get the right policy the first time.

List your insurance requirements, track all your Certificates of Insurance in one place, verify and automate approvals, and stay organized.

Pete Smith
General Liability June 14 - Aug 30, 2020
Minimum Aggregate Limit$2,000,000
Certificate HolderChariot Hotel
Description of OperationsChariot Building, 124 S. Penn Road

From landscapers to cleaning services, hired security, and more, make insurance tracking and compliance easier. The Thimble Certificate Manager allows you to create different minimums and requirements for all the different contractors you hire, whether for different jobs or across different properties.

Every conference, wedding, or reunion on your grounds needs the proper insurance to protect you. When your space is a revolving door, you need a way to stay organized, and the Thimble Certificate Manager helps you ensure that you’re protected before the party can start.

Now, your city government can ensure service providers are liable for public property damage or negligence. Unlike most private businesses, you likely have a constant stream of different kinds of contractors. Whether it’s transportation construction, sanitation, or any other service, the Thimble Certificate Manager helps you to keep documents organized and spend taxpayer money responsibly.

Your contractors will come to campus prepared to work around your students, faculty, and staff. With so much risk of liability across your various buildings and complexes, the Thimble Certificate Manager allows you to spell out your requirements for each individual location on campus accordingly.

If you’re hiring subcontractors, make sure they’re up to the standard of work you provide your client. Depending on the scope of your project, you may require higher or lower coverage limits for plumbers, electricians, flooring experts, and more. Skip the complex lists and email chains and let the Thimble Certificate Manager keep it all straight.

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Select your insurance requirements.

Input all your needs into a single Project, including policy types, coverage limits, and even your own Additional Insured endorsement.

Build as many unique Projects you need for the different types of contractors and vendors you hire or properties you manage.

More compliance
(less complaints).

Alert your contractors and vendors of coverages you require with a single click. They can easily purchase a new policy through Thimble or one of our partners, or upload an existing Certificate of Insurance.

Policies Available

  • General Liability
  • Professional Liability
  • Special Events
  • Workers Comp
  • Commercial Auto

Liability insurance by the hour, day, month!

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You’ll be alerted every time a contractor submits a new document. Thimble policies are verified instantly, and approving policies sold by our partners just takes the click of a button.

Send your contractors reminders to upload documents and renew expiring policies, and keep your business protected.

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Pre-built Certificates of Insurance

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What makes the Thimble Certificate Manager special?

We know small businesses. That means we know that, prior to Thimble, buying and managing insurance was a hassle: long email chains, constant back and forth, and lots of lost COIs that stood in the way of you and your contractors doing what you do best.

The Thimble Certificate Manager changes all of that.

And unlike the creators of any other platform like this, we actually sell insurance. Thimble offers liability insurance by the hour, day, week, or month, for as low as $10.