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Delete that clunky spreadsheet.

You know the one. Now with the Thimble Certificate Manager, see your insurance requirements and your contractors side by side, so you can finally manage compliance in one online dashboard.

We used to face problems with certificates expiring or being cancelled without our knowledge. The Thimble Certificate Manager had many of the features we were looking for without spending thousands of dollars.

Janelle Matejcek, Virtuance


Thimble has a really great, easy-to-use interface. Everything works well—the ability to extend the policy is really handy, as is the ability to add Additional Insureds after you’ve purchased your policy.

Matt Alcobia, Founder and Executive Director, Noize Cartel Records


The biggest draw was the ability to plug in for coverage over a set time period. The fact that you can select daily, weekly, monthly, and even hourly coverage is ludicrous and I love it!

Jamie Vanagel, Landscaper


Never miss an expiration again.

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Automated Communications

Hassle-proof automated emails and reminders to contractors

Easy COI Reader

Key information extracted from COIs, side by side with your requirements

Auto-Approved Policies

Policies for contractors sold directly by Thimble, guaranteed to meet your minimums

Policy Status Dashboard

A bird’s eye view of who’s working where, with expiration notifications

What’s the catch?

There is no catch.

The Thimble Certificate Manager is free because we don’t sell compliance—we sell insurance.

Thimble is small business insurance for over 140+ professions. Contractors from handymen and landscapers to photographers and DJs can get a flexible policy in 60 seconds and get to work for you faster.

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