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Why do I need Musician Insurance?

As a musician, your music isn’t just your life—it’s your business. It’s likely that you’re constantly booking gigs, moving from venue to venue in your city. And musicians know that sometimes the place they’re performing makes no effort to prepare for them. Thus, things can and do go wrong.

Say, for instance, that the music equipment they provided is faulty and nearly obsolete. You set up but the sound isn’t working. You can’t play. There’s no show. But the bar blames you for not vetting the hardware prior, then sues you for breaching your contract.

These things happen, and that’s exactly why you need Thimble’s Musician Insurance.

We know you require specialized Musician Insurance that’s tailored to your specific needs and vulnerabilities, which can protect you from the pitfalls and perils of life as a musician. This way, should a mishap occur, the show can go on.

If you haven’t thought about the liabilities that come with the job, you’re potentially setting yourself up for some major out-of-pocket costs. You must prepare for the worst and hope for the best. That’s why you need general liability insurance and professional liability insurance.

What is covered under the Musician Liability Insurance policy?

Thimble’s Musician Insurance—both general liability and professional liability—can protect you from the following:

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Bodily Injury

You’re playing a show, and a crazy fan (of which you have many) climbs on the stage and runs towards you. Fearing your safety, you dodge, causing them to slip, fall, and break an arm. Even though it’s not your fault, you could be taken to court for a bodily injury claim and forced to pay for costly things like medical bills and court fees.

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3rd Party Property Damage

You’ve been hired to play a private show for a wealthy philanthropist’s charity. During your show, you accidentally knock your drink with your guitar and it spills all over the owner’s $30,000 white couch. Now, the best seat in the house is ruined, and you’re on the hook for the cleaning or replacement.

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Defense Costs

A person gets injured at a show you’re hosting. They sue you and claim that you had too many people at the venue. Now, you must hire a legal team to defend you and prove that you weren’t at fault.

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Medical Coverage

One of the staff at the venue is helping you carry a heavy piece of equipment. Along the way, it slips, falls, and lands on their foot, crushing it. As a result, they have to go to the hospital and undergo surgery. Afterwards, they also require physical therapy. They blame you and decide to take you to court so that you end up paying their medical costs.


Errors & Omissions

You sign a contract that says you’re going to play at an event. The entire event is centered around your show and guests are excited for the live performance. Days leading up to the event, your schedule changes and you’re forced to cancel. This results in guests refunding their tickets and many additional seats going unsold. The client sues you for negligence, being that your cancellation resulted in a hefty financial loss.

Quick thinking insurance for small businesses.

Quick thinking insurance for small businesses.

Quick thinking insurance for small businesses.

Quick thinking insurance for small businesses.

Quick thinking insurance for small businesses.

Quick thinking insurance for small businesses.

Quick thinking insurance for small businesses.

Quick thinking insurance for small businesses.

How much does Musician Insurance cost?

The policy rate for Thimble’s Musician Insurance depends on several factors, including the area you operate in, the size of your crew, the duration you’ll need to be covered, and the amount of coverage required. Fortunately, adding Additional Insureds is free, and you can modify, cancel, or re-up your coverage instantly on the Thimble app.

With Thimble, you pay when you’re working and save when you’re not.

We’ve revolutionized the insurance process. Now, whether you need coverage for an hour, day, month, or year, we’ve got you covered. Interested in signing up for a flexible and affordable Musician Policy? Get your free quote today.

Musician Insurance FAQs

How quickly can I get a Certificate of Insurance?

Obtaining a Certificate of Insurance for Musician Insurance couldn’t be easier. We make getting insurance for the music industry so easy that it can be done in less than a minute. You read that right—you can go from receiving a quote to purchasing a policy in less than 60 seconds.

Did you just find out that you’ve got a surprise gig an hour from now? Has your trip been cut short? With Thimble, we offer insurance for as long or as little as you want. It’s fast, flexible, affordable, and easy.

Thimble’s free app allows you to have your COI on hand at a moment’s notice, get as many copies as you need, and send them to a venue or studio manager at a moment’s notice. Affordability and convenience is our guarantee.

The venue that hired me already has Business Insurance. Do I need my own Musician Policy?

So, how does this work if the outfit which employed you says they already have business insurance? It’s easy to assume that this umbrella policy will cover you should anything go awry. Yet, this is hardly ever the case.

Say, for instance, that you’re playing a show with a fantastic crowd. The place is alive. You enthusiastically step off the stage, wanting to sing front and center. Accidentally, you startle a member of the audience, who trips over a chair and breaks their wrist. They then file a bodily injury claim, saying you’re responsible.

Being that you’re named personally in the lawsuit, you are excluded from your employer’s umbrella policy. Now you’re on the hook.
The reality is that every musician should have their own professional liability and general liability insurance policy.

That’s exactly what we’re here for—to provide coverage catered to and protecting you.

What are the Musician Insurance Policy Limits?

Our policies come in $1,000,000 or $2,000,000 limits. While the amount of coverage you choose will likely depend upon your personal needs, we advise clients to consider the larger figure. The policy price difference is often negligible, particularly in light of the additional $1,000,000 in coverage.

Are workplace injuries of my staff covered?

In short, no. The only damages protected by this policy are those that occur to third parties, like concert attendees or staff at the venues you’re playing. We’d encourage you to purchase a Workers Compensation policy, especially because it may be legally required for your music business to operate.

Does Thimble’s Musician Insurance cover damage to my equipment?

Perhaps. Commercial property insurance covers the tools and equipment that you keep in one place. This coverage protects your building premises and what’s inside, as well as within 100 feet of the building.

Be aware that your renters or homeowners policy may not cover your home studio. In some cases, your business property may not be covered. Always check with your homeowners insurance provider.

Many creators need both general liability insurance and commercial property. For convenience, you may purchase a Business Owners Policy, which is a bundle of the two coverage types.

If you frequently carry around tools or equipment between events or while traveling, you should consider equipment insurance. Business Equipment Protection covers tools that you own, lease, or borrow, wherever you’re using them.

How do I get Musician Insurance with Thimble?

You can get your hands on Thimble’s Musician Insurance in less than 60 seconds. Just list your zip code, profession, and specify the policy length and you’ll have a quote instantly. You can receive a digital COI through the website, or a digital COI to save and send on the go with the Thimble app.

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