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As a crafter, you create one-of-a-kind, handmade products. You put love and care into everything you make, and there’s nothing better than knowing your clients feel a little more joy in their lives thanks to your artistry.

With Thimble’s Crafters Insurance, you can craft and sell your products with no worries.

Who is covered under a crafters insurance policy?

Crafters insurance from Thimble is customized to meet your needs. We cover the following professions and activities:

Types of insurance craft businesses need

You like making things. You want to guarantee that your small business is well-constructed and will last for a long time, just like your crafts. Without insurance, you leave your business exposed to risk.

Artisans and crafters protect their businesses with the right coverage, including:

  • General liability insurance
  • Equipment insurance
  • Commercial property insurance

General liability insurance

All crafters and artisans need general liability insurance. This coverage protects you from cost arising from third-party claims of bodily injury, property damage, and personal and advertising injury.

Non-employee bodily injury – You teach workshops using specialized tools that require safety precautions. Should a student injure themself under your supervision, you could find yourself liable.

Property damage – You use a studio for your crafting and clients often come to visit while wearing expensive clothes. Should one of them ruin a purse or pair of shoes while you’re performing your professional services, you could be liable for the cost of a replacement.

Personal and advertising injury – Your new collection drew inspiration from a recent trip. However, a local competitor claims your designs are too similar to theirs and sues you for copyright infringement.

Product liability coverage – As an artisan, you could be held liable if a customer suffers an injury or property damage caused by your products.

Product liability is typically excluded from some general liability policies, leaving crafters exposed. However, with Thimble, product liability is included (not excluded) in our monthly and annual Crafters Insurance coverage.

Product liability covers bodily injury or property damage arising from the injury or damage caused by the goods you made or sold.

Your customers wouldn’t purchase a necklace without a working clasp, so why would you buy crafters insurance without product liability coverage?

Equipment insurance

When you’re working with specialized tools like sewing machines there’s always the chance something could go wrong. If your equipment is accidentally damaged or is stolen, you could be on the hook for an expensive bill. Instead, protect the equipment you use wherever you work.

Thimble’s Business Equipment Protection covers accidental damage, loss, and theft to equipment you own or lease, up to a $5,000 coverage limit. Best of all, for any item with a value of less than $2,500, you’re covered without listing it separately in your policy (known as “blanket coverage” in insurance terms).

Commercial property insurance

If you lease or own a workshop or studio, you likely need another type of first-party property coverage to protect your building and the equipment inside. Commercial property insurance does just that. It protects your building structure if you own it, the area you operate in, and any tools and business property inside and within 100 feet of the building.

Many crafters and artisans operate a studio in their homes, but don’t assume your homeowners or renters insurance covers your studio. In most cases, you’ll need separate commercial property insurance to cover your home-based workshop. Always check with your home or renters insurance provider to ensure you’re covered.

Most artisans need both general liability insurance and commercial property. For convenience, they may purchase a Business Owners Policy, which is a bundle of the two coverage types.

Why choose Thimble for Crafters Insurance

Whether you need to rent a booth at a last-minute craft fair or you’re planning for an event in six months, we’ve got you covered.
Thimble’s general liability insurance for crafters includes product liability coverage, which is commonly excluded, leaving you open to liability.

Get proof of insurance instantly. With our instant online quotes, you can purchase coverage and we’ll send your Certificate of Insurance (COI) within 60 seconds.

Cover your equipment up to $5,000 and skip the headache of listing all your equipment less than $2,500 compared to the traditional scheduled property coverage.

Tie up your business’ loose threads. Protect yourself today with insurance for crafters so you can keep your focus where it belongs—on your crafts.

Ready to get started? Just click “Get a Quote” or download the Thimble app, answer a few questions, and we’ll generate an instant quote. Click to purchase and your policy and proof of insurance will arrive in your inbox. We’ll send you as many COIs as you need, and when you need them, at no additional cost.

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