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Why do I need Pottery Insurance?

As a potter, you shape clay into beautiful objects that give interior spaces a touch of artistry and texture. Whether you build by hand or use a wheel, you’re a master of your craft who delivers enduring pieces to happy customers.

While your finished objects are lovely, they go through a messy process from raw clay to glaze to the kiln.

And because you work with potentially hazardous tools and equipment throughout this process, you take on risk as a small business owner. For example, should the cell phone or clothing of a visitor to your studio get hit with a splash of glaze, they could accuse you of property damage. Likewise, if a visitor were injured by your kiln, they could sue you for the cost of their medical bills.

That’s why most pottery business owners need general liability insurance. This business insurance provides coverage for damage or injury caused by your fine art product, your pottery store, and other aspects of your craft.

When you know your business has adequate coverage, it’s that much easier to get centered and keep on throwing your beautiful wares.

What does Pottery Insurance cover?

Thimble’s general liability insurance for potters is designed to provide coverage for the following kinds of claims.

Third-party, non-employee bodily injury: Your workshop is filled with tools like pottery knives, not to mention heavy tubs of clay and glaze. Should a client injure themself while visiting your studio, they could sue you for the cost of their medical treatment. Pottery Insurance provides a legal defense as well as a payout of damages.

Third-party property damage: Likewise, the items in your studio have the potential to stain and ruin items from shoes to clothing and beyond. Should clay or glaze damage a visitor’s property, they could sue you for the cost of its replacement or repair.

Does Thimble’s Pottery Insurance include product liability coverage?

Yes! One of the key benefits of Thimble’s Pottery Insurance is that it comes standard with product liability coverage

Just like the scenarios described above that could occur in a pottery studio or place of business, general liability can also account for injury or damage that occurs after the product has left your hands. If you ship a finished piece to a customer or they take it home, you could still be held liable if the customer claims your product was to blame for such injury or damage.

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