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Whether your landscaping business is focused on landscape design, tree trimming, lawn care, or irrigation, a well-tended landscape creates a welcome environment and promotes well-being. It even makes the air we breathe healthier. But running a landscaping business involves a great deal of risk — and that’s why you should factor Landscaping Business Insurance cost into your business plan.

Liability risk lurks like a weed in an otherwise thriving garden, and they need to be addressed for the continued health of your business. chow much does Landscaping Business Insurance cost? We’ll explain how much Landscaping Business Insurance costs and the variables that impact your premium. (No need to put on your ear protectors for this one.)

How much does Landscaping Business Insurance cost?

Before we get into the weeds on factors that determine the premiums for landscaping liability insurance cost, here is a quick snapshot of the average costs:



Many landscaping businesses have business property they also want to insure, such as a physical building, their equipment, or both. In that case, you may need commercial property insurance, which is available from Thimble through a Business Owners Policy (BOP) at additional cost.

What factors influence the Landscaping Business Insurance cost?

The specific cost of your landscaping business insurance policy depends on a variety of details about your business, such as the type of landscaping services you provide, the size of your business, and your claims history. Some additional variables we evaluate include:

Business location

Your state, zip code, and physical address are all factors that go into determining landscaping liability insurance costs. Densely populated areas tend to involve more risk and therefore higher costs. The reverse is also true.

Policy length

Longer coverage periods will impact your overall costs. For example, states with more warm-weather months, enable landscaping businesses to be operational for longer periods of time so commercial landscaping businesses may need a longer policy length and can expect to pay more.

Crew size

The more employees you have, the greater your liability risk. Larger crews enable your landscaping business to serve more customers, which increases the risk of accidents and, ultimately, your landscaping liability insurance cost as well.

Amount of coverage needed

Just as you charge higher rates for customers with more square footage, you’ll pay higher rates for more lawn care business insurance and Landscaping Business Insurance. A $1 million dollar policy, for example, will cost more than $500,000 of coverage, though the cost will not double. Insurance costs tend to increase incrementally for higher coverage levels.

Deductible limits

A deductible is the amount you agree to pay out of pocket before insurance kicks in to cover a claim. Landscaping Business Insurance cost works a lot like your personal auto insurance in that higher deductibles lower your cost, and lower deductibles raise your cost.

What does Landscaping Business Insurance cover?

Landscaping businesses usually need coverage for both third-party and first-party risks. Here are some of the coverages available to help safeguard your business.

  • General liability insurance covers your business should a third party file a lawsuit against you for an injury, property damage, or personal and advertising injury that you caused them. For example, imagine that your crew leaves a hose out to water a freshly planted bed and your customer trips on it. Guess who’s probably going to have to pay the medical bills?

    Or, what if your crew backs a trailer full of lawn mowers into your customer’s garage door and dents it? You could end up getting sued. Landscaping liability insurance can cover the cost of the damages and even provide your legal defense when you get sued.

  • Business equipment protection covers the cost of lost or damaged equipment. So, if you are working on a job site and someone steals your leaf blower while you’re on your lunch break, we’ve got you covered. Or, maybe your mower overturns on a steep hillside because, well, you fought the lawn, and the lawn won. (We couldn’t resist.) Business equipment protection may pay for any damage caused to your equipment.
  • Commercial property insurance covers the physical structure of your business, like a garage in which you keep your trailers, lawnmowers, rakes, and pruners. It also covers the equipment inside and within 100 feet of the premises. Commercial property insurance is available at additional cost from Thimble through a Business Owners Policy (BOP), which also includes general liability insurance.

Prune costly claims with Landscaping Business Insurance

Every landscaping business needs to protect itself from the consequences of a third-party claim that could devastate your business. Landscaping Business Insurance helps you hedge against that risk. (Get it?) For as little as $11.58 per hour or $71 a month, you’ll see why the grass is greener on the Thimble side.

Get to work before the other guys even call you back. Click “Get a Quote” or download the mobile app, answer a quick set of questions, and get covered within minutes. You’ve got this one in the bag — the lawn and leaf bag, that is.

Landscaping Business Insurance cost FAQs

My clients have homeowner’s insurance to protect their property. Do I still need landscaping business insurance?

Yes. These policies cover very different things. Your client’s homeowner’s insurance protects your client from risks associated with fire, theft, and other events that may cause damage to their home. Landscaping liability insurance protects you in case you are responsible for an accident that causes third-party damages while you are working for the client.

Will Landscaping Business insurance cover me when I drive to and from jobs?

It depends. If the vehicle is registered to your business, you’ll need to purchase commercial auto insurance. Or, if you are driving a personal or rented vehicle for work-related purposes, you’ll want to purchase hired and non-owned auto insurance.

Is Lawn Care Business Insurance different from Landscaping Business Insurance?

Only in name. Thimble’s Landscaping Business Insurance covers professionals with a variety of different specializations, including lawn care and maintenance, tree trimming (at ground level only), landscaping irrigation, and more.

Does Thimble offer lawnmower insurance?

Lawnmower insurance is provided under Business Equipment Protection, which covers owned and rented equipment, such as mowers, trimmers, pruners, and other stuff like that.

Does Landscaping Business Insurance also cover my crew?

Yes, at least partially. Landscaping Business Insurance covers your crew for third-party liability claims, but it does not cover them for work-related injuries. For that, you need workers’ compensation Insurance, which is required by most states.

What type of insurance does a landscaping business need?

As explained above, a landscaping business needs multiple types of insurance because you face multiple types of risks. General liability insurance provides coverage for third-party claims. A BOP combines general liability with commercial property insurance so that your business property is also covered. And business equipment protection covers the risk of damaged equipment.