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Why do I need translator insurance?

As a translator, you help your clients communicate between cultures and contexts. You are the bridge between worlds, the link between businesses, and the propagator of ideas to a diverse audience.

As for us? We are the bridge between the world of insurance and your translating business.

You deserve to do your work with confidence. However, whether you’re performing live interpretation, attending conferences, or conducting your translations in your office, there’s always the chance that something could go wrong.

If part of your friendly service includes offering your clients a fresh cup of hot coffee when they’re at your office, you could find yourself liable for bodily injuries should any mishap occur. If you’re not protected with Interpreter Insurance, you could also be responsible for paying medical costs, as well as any attorney’s fees should the client be particularly litigious.

And when your client’s sale hangs on your translation abilities, people can become litigious. If a deal goes sour, and the client accuses you of lost wages, they could claim professional negligence.

This is why all translators need general liability insurance and professional liability insurance. General liability insurance protects translators and interpreters from third-party claims of bodily injury and property damage that may arise out of their work. Professional liability insurance protects you from claims of negligence, errors, or mistakes related to your translation services.

Don’t let a claim of wrongdoing keep you from your crucial work. Protect yourself with Translator Insurance from Thimble today.

Quick thinking insurance for small businesses.

Quick thinking insurance for small businesses.

Quick thinking insurance for small businesses.

Quick thinking insurance for small businesses.

Quick thinking insurance for small businesses.

Quick thinking insurance for small businesses.

Quick thinking insurance for small businesses.

Quick thinking insurance for small businesses.

What does Translator Insurance cover?

Translator Insurance arranged by Thimble is designed to protect translators from liability in situations like the following:


Third-party, non-employee bodily injury

While you’re out on the job providing real-time interpretation, you can interact with dozens of people. Should you accidentally injure one of them, even if it was a complete accident, you could find yourself liable.

Property Damage Icon

Third-party property damage

Part of a translator’s job may involve working with a client in their home. Should you accidentally damage some of their property, you could find yourself liable for the cost of replacing it.


Defense costs

After damaging property in a scenario like the above, your client decides to take you to court to collect compensation. Now, you’re responsible for hiring your own legal defense, which may cost more than the property damage itself.


Errors & omissions

As part of your translating services, you may work with authors who want to translate their books into other languages. Should you fall behind on a deadline which causes them to lose money with its publication, you could be held liable for professional negligence.

How much does Translator Insurance cost?

The policy rate for Thimble’s Translator insurance is based on your business’ unique level of risk. This is calculated using your location (ZIP code), crew size, and the coverage limits you select. From there, choose the length of coverage you need, from hourly, daily, or monthly policies. It’s flexible, and it’s easy to make changes. Add Additional Insureds and get as many Certificates of Insurance as you need right from the Thimble app, all for free.

Protect your translation business with flexible, on-demand, or monthly insurance coverage from Thimble. Get your free Translator Insurance quote now.


Translator Insurance FAQs

How quickly can I get a Certificate of Insurance?

Right away. When you download the Thimble app or click “select a quote,” you can purchase a policy in less than 60 seconds. From there, your Certificate of Insurance (COI) will be delivered to your email inbox instantly and made available on the Thimble app.

Are you attending a conference or special event as a translator? You can take out a policy for that specific date, up to six months in advance, and show a Certificate of Insurance to the organizer within seconds. If you don’t end up going, you can cancel your policy penalty-free up to 1 hour before your coverage is set to begin.

With fast, flexible coverage from Thimble, make changes to your policy on the fly. In the Thimble app, you can add and modify your Additional Insureds as often as you need to—all for free.

The translation services company I work for already carries business insurance. Do I need my own translator insurance policy?

Yes. As a small business owner, you need insurance for your translation work. The translation services company’s business insurance only applies to the work you do for them.

Even if your company has insurance, having your own Translator Insurance policy is a good idea. You may not know the specific details of your employer’s coverage and how it relates to the work you do for them. For example, did you know that injured third parties can name you in a lawsuit, even if you were doing work for a larger company? In that case, you may need to hire your own attorney. However, your own Translator Insurance could help hedge against your legal fees.

To grow your own translator business in the healthiest way possible, you’re going to need insurance. The bottom line is that every translator and interpreter can benefit from a general liability and professional liability insurance policy. It’s the best way to mitigate the inherent risks in your field.

What are the Translator Insurance policy limits?

With Thimble’s Translator Insurance, select a policy limit of $1 million or $2 million. $1 million provides substantial protection from risk, but for a small additional cost, you can safeguard your business against greater claims with a $2 million limit.

Are workplace injuries of my staff covered?

No. General liability insurance provides coverage for injuries to third parties. If you hire others to help you maintain your workflow, you may want to purchase workers’ compensation coverage. This kind of coverage can cover employees’ medical costs and lost wages in the event of an injury.

Does Thimble’s Translator Insurance cover damage to my equipment?

Also no. General liability insurance can only cover damage to your client’s property or that of a third party. If you have specialized equipment or a vehicle you use for work, you may want to consider a commercial property insurance or an auto insurance policy.

How do I get Translator Insurance with Thimble?

Download the Thimble app or click “select a quote” and get insurance in just 60 seconds. Enter your ZIP code, a few details about your business, and desired coverage length (choose from hourly, daily, or monthly policies), and a quote will be instantly generated. Purchase with a click and receive your Certificate of Insurance immediately.

Quick-thinking insurance for fast-moving businesses.


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