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Develop your portfolio Build a website to showcase your portfolio​ Focus on social Utilize all of your marketing channels Protect your photography business​ Get a Quote Photography is one of the more unique occupations out there. As a professional photographer, you have the opportunity to experience and capture intimate moments, document pivotal events, travel to

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Invest in the right equipment​ Become a master editor Build your portfolio​ Insure your photography business​ Get a Quote Are you a professional or amateur photographer looking for a lucrative niche? If you have an eye for photographing large-scale subjects in natural lighting, real estate photography might be right for you. This line of work

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Privacy and public photography laws​ Commercial vs. noncommercial use of photographs​ Photo release forms Drone photography Insuring your photography business Get a Quote As a photographer, you help people capture small and life-changing moments alike. From baby photos to scenic landscapes, you reveal the beauty that’s present in everyday life. However, as a small business

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Photo release forms, explained Release forms for people and property Privacy expectations Photography for commercial purposes Protect your business Get a Quote As a photographer, most people are happy for you to take their photo, whether it’s your clients posing for their engagement photos or your best friend getting a few free headshots for their

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Take your passion for photography to the next level and become your own boss. Use this handy guide to learn more starting your own photography business.

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Becoming a travel photographer is a dream for many—but the logistics of starting a business can pose a challenge. Make it happen with this guide.

Looking to grow your photography business? Before you get behind the camera, you’ll need to work behind the scenes on budgeting, marketing, and insurance to build your company.

For fine art photographer Mike Masin, Thimble’s got him covered wherever a shoot takes him—from a walk on the beach to a wading bird rookery.

Coronavirus and your business

We know your small business has likely been impacted, so we've put together some resources that we think may be useful.