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Landscaping essential tools

October 4, 2021

Plant the seeds and grow your landscaping business with the right tools. We surveyed experienced landscapers to determine the best, most essential tools of the trade.

When you’re starting a new landscaping business, it’s important to invest in the tools to complete your first few jobs with beautiful results and glowing reviews. While some tools come to mind immediately, others are less intuitive. After all, it takes a few years on the job before you encounter the full range of potential obstacles and client requests.

That’s why we surveyed experienced landscapers to determine the best, most essential tools of the trade. By investing in the following must-have landscaping tools, you’ll plant the seeds for success in your new landscaping business venture!

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#1 Lawn mower

You can’t do your job without a lawn mower. Otherwise, there’s no way to maintain your clients’ grass.

But which lawn mower is right for your new business? Per our survey, the two most-recommended models are:

#2 Backpack leaf blower

Whether you’ve just mowed the lawn or you need to clear away foliage and debris to begin landscaping, a backpack blower makes for easy cleanup.

As compared to a handheld leaf blower, a backpack blower is:

  • Easier on your body, since it’s strapped to your back
  • More powerful, which makes it better suited for large projects

#3 Weed trimmer

A must have lawn tool for several reasons:

  • Some weeds may be too sturdy for your lawnmower to cut down
  • A small trimmer can help you target specific plants and areas
  • Trimmers help clean up irregular and beveled lawn edges that mowers miss

According to our survey, the top three trimmers are:

  • Shindaiwa T235 Professional String Trimmer – This model gets top marks for its reliability and adaptability. It also features an ergonomic grip.
  • Stihl FS91 – This powerful trimmer has the strength to cut down hardy plants. It also runs for an impressive duration between refuelings.
  • Echo SRM 225 Weed Eater – This incredibly fuel-efficient weed eater is also affordable, making it a great entry-level tool.

#4 Hammer

Are you surprised to see a hammer on this list? This versatile tool isn’t just great for pounding and pulling nails. A hammer can help you break up rocky soil, drive in garden stakes, and complete other tasks. You’ll likely find yourself using it every day.

#5 Shovel & Rake

You’ll need a sturdy shovel to dig holes for landscaping elements, break up stubborn loam, and more.

Your shovel does it all—and without gas!

The favorite pick for seasoned landscapers? The Razor-Back 48 shovel. The fiberglass handle reduces the risk of splinters. On top of that, it is:

  • Versatile
  • Lightweight
  • Durable

Another essential gardening tool. You need a rake on every job. It’s one of the best ways to clean up a job site after a long day of work.

#6 Pruners

You’ll always need a sharp pair of pruning shears to shape up plants like trees and shrubs. A good, heavy-duty hand pruner makes it possible to tame tough, thorny plants. But that doesn’t mean they have to feel heavy.

Felco Pruners are known for being sturdy yet easy to handle, even during long pruning sessions.

#7 Measuring wheel

A measuring tape is great indoors—but rugged, uneven terrain requires a different tool entirely.

A measuring wheel allows you to measure outdoor spaces and make your plans accordingly. The landscaping experts recommend a large, 12” wheel for the most accurate measurements possible.

#8 Cordless chainsaw

Sometimes, a weed trimmer just won’t do the job. That’s why a chainsaw is a must-have for landscapers. You’ll use this tool for pruning, tree and fallen limb removal, and demolition tasks.

You won’t always find an outlet, nor should you risk the possibility that someone trips over your chainsaw cord. The tool is dangerous enough on its own!

That’s why the professional landscapers recommend the Makita XCU06z LXT. This chainsaw is:

  • Small, lightweight, and easy to transport
  • Powered by an 18V battery that can deliver up to 175 cuts between charges

Pro tip: Don’t forget to bring a spare battery and charger with you.

#9 Truck & Trailer

It’s clear that most landscapers need an arsenal of tools, many of which are on the larger side. On top of that, you’ll need a way to transport lawn equipment and materials including topsoil, mulch, plants, and topiary to your work sites.

A truck was one of the most recommended landscaping tools. As you grow your landscaping business you may want to invest in a detachable trailer for bigger jobs. Don’t forget to cover the vehicle you use for work with auto insurance.

#10 General liability insurance

Auto insurance for your truck is a no-brainer—but have you considered general liability insurance for your landscaping business?

With so many powerful tools in your arsenal, there’s always the chance that something can go wrong. For instance, you’re moving a client’s lawn and don’t see a small rock which hits and cracks their window. You could be held responsible for the property damage.

Landscaping insurance can help provide the investigation, defense, and settlement for claims of third party bodily injury, property damage, and personal injury arising from your work as a landscaper. Don’t forget about protecting your lawn care tools and machinery with equipment insurance, after all, your equipment is critical to your work!

The right tools to help your landscaping business blossom

Starting a successful business often requires an upfront investment. While you may be able to skip the marketing costs, some essential landscaping tools are required. To that end, consider:

  • Purchasing versatile tools like hammers, pruners, and shovels that you’ll use every day.
  • Investing in the basic tools of lawn maintenance, including a lawn mower, trimmer, leaf blower, pruner, and rake.
  • Finding a way to transport your tools and materials between job sites—and don’t forget to insure your vehicle!
  • Protect yourself with the right gear such as gardening gloves and protect your business with general liability insurance

With your lawn equipment fully stocked, you’ll be ready for your first job—and the next after that. It’s only a matter of time until your startup blossoms into a thriving landscaping business!

Written on November 17, 2020 | Last updated: October 4, 2021

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