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Your Certificate of Insurance, Explained

A Certificate of Insurance serves as physical proof that you have a valid insurance policy. If you’ve ever wondered what that piece of paper actually says, and why it matters, you’ve come to the right place.

How to Get Vendor Insurance for One Day

Vendor insurance for one day is now available for small businesses. Here’s everything you need to know about your short-term policy options.

The 8 Types of Insurance That Every Small Business Owner Needs

You’re probably wondering: what types of insurance does your small business need? These eight categories of coverage can help protect your company from a range of risks.

What Does ISO Stand for in Insurance?

The short answer: ISO is the standard-setting body for insurance. For the longer answer on how this entity affects your coverage, read on.

An Inside Look at How Insurance Companies Pay Out Claims

So you’ve filed an insurance claim. What happens next? Here’s the insider’s guide on how insurance companies evaluate and pay out claims.

5 Types of Independent Consultants That Need Insurance (and Don’t Know It)

Are you a graphic designer, house sitter, or management consultant? Protect your livelihood with General Liability insurance to ensure you’re covered against claims of bodily injury, property damage, and personal injury to others.

6 Questions to Consider When Comparing General Liability Insurance Quotes

Knowing what to look for when you’re comparing general liability insurance quotes will help you choose the best policy for your business. Start by asking yourself these six questions.

What You Should Know About Umbrella and Excess Liability Policies

The concept behind excess liability and umbrella insurance is that you can never be too careful (or too insured!). Our guide describes the subtle difference between the two and how this coverage works in practice.

What Is Personal Injury? 

Claims involving libel, slander, and false arrest occur more often than you might expect. Here’s what you should know about personal injury, the risks it poses to your business, and how to protect yourself from these claims.

Does Your Small Business Need Products and Completed Operations Insurance Coverage?

If you’re wondering just what risks are covered by products and completed operations insurance (and why you need it), you’ve come to the right place.

Coronavirus and your business

We know your small business has likely been impacted, so we've put together some resources that we think may be useful.