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Handyman vs. general contractor: What can a handyman legally do?

Handyman vs. general contractor Handyman vs. general contractor: Licensing Handyman vs. general contractor: Job type & size​ What can a handyman legally do? Insurance: A handyman’s best tool​ Get a Quote Are you looking to start a small business as a handyman? If so, it’s vital that you fully understand the licensing laws and handyman

Does a handyman need a license?

State and local regulations How to get a handyman license General liability insurance for a handyman Get a Quote As a handyman, you’re a human skeleton key, skilled at accomplishing a wide range of repair and maintenance tasks. You resolve homeowners’ headaches with ease. Some days you wear the hat of an electrician and other

How to become a carpenter apprentice

What’s the purpose of a carpenter apprenticeship? Do apprentices get paid? What does it take to become a carpenter apprentice? How to apply for a carpentry apprenticeship Completing your carpentry apprenticeship Protect your business Get a Quote Simply being a talented woodworker may not be enough to help you launch and run your own carpentry

How much do carpenters make?

How much do carpenters make? How much do self-employed carpenters make? Carpenters’ average salary Factors that impact what carpenters make​ Factors that impact independent carpenters’ earnings​ Protect your business Get a Quote Carpentry is the backbone of construction. From essential molds and foundational work to finishing touches on interior design and cabinetry, carpenters have a

Subcontractor vs. contractor

Subcontractor vs. contractor: What’s the difference? Who’s who on a jobsite? Contractor General contractor vs. subcontractor​ Subcontractor vs. independent contractor What every contractor needs Building your business Get a Quote The world of construction revolves around contractors, from design to building, repairs to remodeling, interior to landscaping, and all things in between. On any given

Carpentry certification guide

What a carpenter needs to know Start with a journeyman certification Additional carpentry certifications ​ Licensing requirements​ Protect your business Get a Quote Are you good with your hands? Do you have a passion and talent for woodwork? Interested in helping build homes or crafting beautiful pieces of furniture? If you answered yes, a job

These 8 Apps Can Accelerate Your Handyman Business

These apps can accelerate your handyman business by letting you manage all the key tasks you need to perform right from your smartphone — including protecting yourself with General Liability insurance during jobs.

For this Oregon Roof and Gutter Cleaning Business, By-the-Job Insurance Meets a Critical Coverage Need

Whether he’s tackling moss removal from roofs or downspout flushing, Reis Taylor knows that Verifly’s on-demand General Liability insurance is built to match his coverage needs.

How to Start a Handyman Business: Your Checklist for Success as a Full-Time Doer

Every handyman knows the importance of proper preparation. Here’s how that mentality applies to scaling your business, from carving out your market niche to getting the word out about your services.

Coronavirus and your business

We know your small business has likely been impacted, so we've put together some resources that we think may be useful.