professional painter

How to bid painting jobs

With your own painting business, you determine when you work and for how much. We share tips on how to bid on jobs so you can earn more work. Learn more.


Does a handyman need a license?

As a handyman you help clients fix everything under the sun. But you also need to protect your business starting with a license. Learn more.

carpenter doing calculations

How much do carpenters make?

How much do carpenters make? How much do self-employed carpenters make? Carpenters’ average salary Factors that impact what carpenters make​ Factors that impact independent carpenters’ earnings​ Protect your business Get

contracto and subcontractors

Subcontractor vs. contractor

Understanding the common terms and roles of who is on a jobsite is important. We explain subcontractor vs contractor vs. independent contractor. Learn more.

carpentry certification

Carpentry certification guide

Becoming a carpenter includes training, education, and certification in order to legally become a professional carpenter. Learn more.