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vendor compliance

Vendor compliance guide

Vendors are an integral link within the supply chain of your business. Therefore, it’s critical that you develop a vendor compliance program.

vendor management meeting

Vendor management best practices

As your business continues to evolve, the number of services you need to track and compliance regulations you need to follow can make vendor management a difficult job. These best practices can help you streamline vendor management.

event planning checklist

Event planning checklist

As an event planner you’re responsible for keeping track of all the details. Use this event planning checklist to help stay organized and prepared for the unexpected.

event planner - how to get started

How to become an event planner

Take your love for helping friends and family plan events and become your own boss. Use this handy guide to learn more about pursuing an event planning career.

how to become a DJ

How to become a DJ

Want to know more about how to become a DJ and start booking gigs? Use this handy guide to learn more about being your own boss.