Thimble Insurance customer Reis Taylor on roof for contractors and handyman insurance Customer Name: Reis Taylor Profession: Roof and Gutter Cleaning Services Location: Portland, Oregon Policies to Date: 40 and counting! Get a Quote

Thimble: How would you describe your company and the work that you do?

Reis Taylor: I’m registered in the state as an LLC under the name Charity’s Roof and Gutter Cleaning. In terms of insurance, we fit best into the Handymen & Contractors category, though neither perfectly captures the work we do. Most days, I’m suspended on the side of a home performing roof and gutter cleaning services, which requires a pretty unique skillset.

T: What are some of the typical jobs you perform with Charity’s Roof and Gutter Cleaning?

RT: We remove moss from roofs, along with mold, algae, and stains—you could have a roof that looks black, but once you start cleaning it with detergent you uncover a nice reddish or white color that’s been buried for years. We also do gutter cleaning and downspout flushing, where we’re going down through the pipes to the street or the sewer to clear water out of a home. We also do window washing and holiday lighting installation and removal as well as pressure washing. That’s the basis of what we do at the moment, but we hope to expand our services as we grow. insurance coverage insurance coverage

T: How long have you been in this business?

RT:  I’ve been in this field for a little over a year, and the business has been on paper as an LLC for just under a year. Once we started getting busy I realized we should get licensed and registered with the state and make sure we’re covered for any liability that comes up.

T: What are some of the challenges and risks you face on the job?

RT: One of the biggest challenges is avoiding any property damage on the job, and ensuring that I have the proper coverage in place if something goes wrong. It doesn’t take much to tear a composite shingle by stepping on it, or by using a broom with bristles that are too stiff. There are numerous things that can go wrong, and those accidents can get pretty spendy. Getting insured for this type of work traditionally requires payment for an annual policy upfront, and for a small business, this annual insurance coverage is steep.

T: How many people do you typically work with on a job?

RT: I’m by myself for most jobs. Charity, the company’s namesake, does the office work and scheduling. At some point we want to have a larger staff so that we can be more efficient and take on more jobs. There’s a lot of demand for this type of work, and we want to keep up.

T: How did you initially discover Thimble, and why did you choose it for your insurance needs?

RT:  I found Thimble through HomeAdvisor. What distinguished Thimble from some of its competitors was the availability of the hourly rate rather than just the monthly or annual offering. With an annual policy, you have to pay upfront for the full year, which can be difficult for a small business like mine. Some of my jobs may only last 10 to 20 hours total, and if I’m only going to be on a job site for a set period, I can pay for those hours and move on. That’s what drew me to Thimble. As far as I’m concerned, if the longer-term General Liability policies offered by Thimble match my business’s needs as we grow, it will continue to be my insurance carrier of choice. Why search for other options if you’ve found coverage that works?