Why do I need Trucking Insurance?

As a truck driver, you spend your life on the road delivering freight over vast distances. Your job requires focus, patience, and more than a little sense of adventure. Your customers depend on you to deliver their goods as quickly and safely as possible.

Trucking Insurance is there to protect your trucking business against liability resulting from unforeseen events. Even when your truck is idling away from the highway or parked at your business location, there’s always the risk of a third party injuring themselves because of your work.

Trucking Insurance doesn’t just cover injuries. It covers property damage, too. While auto liability insurance gives you coverage for accidents involving your vehicle, general liability steps in if you cause third-party property damage without your vehicle.

That’s why all truck drivers need general liability coverage offered by Trucking Insurance. It’s there to protect your business from potentially expensive claims including non-employee bodily injury, third-party property damage and personal and advertising injury.

After tens of thousands of miles on the open road, you know it’s best not to leave things to chance. Trucking Insurance gives you peace of mind knowing that when things go wrong, your business is protected.

What is covered under Trucker Liability Insurance?

Trucker Liability Insurance is there to protect you from scenarios like the following:

3rd-party, non-employee bodily injury – As a truck driver, you spend a good deal of time outside of your truck—at rest stops and drop-off locations. If you injure someone while wheeling heavy cargo to your client’s office building, Trucking insurance could cover the costs of the body injury claim that could arise.

3rd-party property damage – If you end up inadvertently causing damage to a customer’s premises with a dolly or hand truck, you could be held liable for third-party property damage.

Defense and investigation costs – Claims brought against you are likely to involve hefty legal fees—even when those claims are false or frivolous. Trucking Insurance covers defense and investigation when claims are made against you.

Are workplace injuries of my staff covered?

No, they are not. General liability insurance only provides coverage for injuries to clients and third parties. If you have employees, you might want to consider purchasing workers’ compensation insurance. Bear in mind that in most states, workers’ comp insurance is required by law.

Does Trucking Insurance cover damage to my equipment?

Also, no. General liability insurance only provides coverage for damage to your client’s or a third party’s property. To protect your own equipment, consider purchasing inland marine insurance. You also want to consider commercial auto insurance for necessary coverage on your vehicle.