Why do I need a roadside assistance insurance policy?

As a roadside assistance company, you’re in the business of helping people when things don’t go as expected. From flat tires to dead batteries, you’re there to save the day, and help people get where they need to go.

When things go sideways, your customers need help. Sometimes, your business needs help, too. There’s a lot of potential for accidents in your line of work. People can get hurt, and their property can get damaged. Tensions are high, and people can get litigious. While your auto liability insurance might cover damage to your vehicle, you would need Roadside Assistance Insurance to ensure you’re covered against claims not involving your vehicle.

That’s why all roadside service providers need general liability insurance. General liability insurance protects roadside assistance companies from third-party claims of bodily injury, property damage, and personal and advertising injury.

Protect your business with Roadside Assistance Insurance, and you can stay focused on what you do best — helping people get where they need to go.

What is covered under the Roadside Assistance Liability Insurance policy?

As a roadside assistance company, you know to expect surprises. General liability insurance is designed to protect roadside service providers from liability in situations like the following:

Non-employee, 3rd-party bodily injury – If you accidentally injure someone while performing roadside service, whether it’s your customer or a bystander, you could be held liable for their medical bills.

3rd-party property damage – During the course of your repair, you might shuffle your customer’s belongings aside and accidentally damage an item in the process. Should you or your crew damage a third party’s property, they could hold you liable.

Defense costs – If an unhappy third party chooses to hold you liable for an accident like one of the above, they could sue you. With Roadside Assistance Insurance, your policy covers the investigation and defense of claims brought against you — even meritless ones.

The company I work for already carries business insurance. Do I still need Roadside Assistance Insurance?

Yes, you do. Your company’s business insurance only provides coverage for the work you perform for them. To protect your own roadside assistance business from third-party liability, you need your own business insurance.

Growing your roadside service business is exciting, but it also comes with responsibilities. One of those is making sure you’re protected in case an unhappy customer decides to sue you. Roadside Assistance Insurance provides coverage for the investigation, defense, and settlement of claims related to bodily injury, property damage, and personal and advertising injury.

In other words, liability insurance is essential protection that helps you focus on growing your roadside assistance business, instead of worrying about an expensive lawsuit. (We all know how costly lawyers can be.)

Are workplace injuries of my staff covered?

No. General liability insurance only provides coverage for injuries suffered by third parties, such as your customers and other passengers.

If you have a crew employed to help you provide roadside assistance, consider workers’ compensation insurance. Required by law in nearly every state, this type of insurance helps provide coverage for medical expenses and lost wages if one of your employees gets injured on the job.

Does Roadside Assistance Insurance cover damage to my equipment?

No. General liability insurance only provides coverage for damage to third-party property, such as your customer’s vehicle. To protect your own equipment, consider inland marine insurance. To protect your tow trucks and roadside assistance vehicles, look into commercial auto insurance.