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As a handyperson, your clients call you when they need help fixing something around their house. Thankfully, Handyman Insurance protects you in the case of accidents or mistakes that happen on the job. We’ll share how much Handyman Insurance costs, what factors into your premium, and the types of coverages that are included in your policy. Let’s level with what you can expect to pay for liability insurance.

How much does Handyman Insurance cost?

With Thimble, you don’t have to commit to long, expensive policies. You can access flexible handyman insurance through the Thimble app and customize your coverage down to the hour, day, week or month. Plus, if you need to add Additional Insureds, you can tack them on to your coverage with Thimble at no extra cost.

On average, Handyman Insurance costs:


Quick thinking insurance for small businesses.

Quick thinking insurance for small businesses.

Quick thinking insurance for small businesses.

Quick thinking insurance for small businesses.

Quick thinking insurance for small businesses.

Quick thinking insurance for small businesses.

Quick thinking insurance for small businesses.

Quick thinking insurance for small businesses.

What factors influence Handyman Insurance cost?

The cost of your Handyman Insurance policy depends on your ZIP code, coverage limits, team size, and length of your coverage. They all play a factor in determining the blueprint of coverage for your handyman business.

Business location

The location of your business can impact your insurance cost. For example, a more densely packed area tends to increase the risk of incurring third-party property damage or bodily injury to a client or passerby.

Policy length

The amount of time you need coverage impacts your insurance premium.

Crew size

Whether you’re a solo operation or have employees can affect your premium. More employees mean increased opportunities for an incident.

Amount of coverage needed

Higher coverage limits will come at an increased cost. But by paying more upfront, you will have greater protection in the event of a claim. Thimble offers policy limits of $1 million or $2 million. You can select the appropriate limit based on the anticipated exposures or contractual requirements of your handyman business and the level of risk against which you want to be insured (or can afford to cover yourself)

Coverage add-ons

For complete protection, you may want to add additional coverages to your Handyman Insurance policy. For example, Business Equipment Protection can save you the out-of-pocket costs associated with replacing your equipment in the event of theft or loss while on the job — and it starts at just $6 per month.

What does Handyman Insurance cover?

Thimble’s Handyman Liability Insurance is designed to protect handymen and handywomen from the financial impact of the following areas of liability:


Third-party, non-employee bodily injury

You’re working an all-day job at a client’s home. When you leave for your lunch break, you leave your toolbelt on the floor. The client’s toddler is running through the house, trips on your toolbelt, and falls and breaks a tooth. Your client expects you to pay for the ER visit and dental repair.

Property Damage Icon

Third-party property damage

You’re repairing a ceiling-mounted light fixture in a client’s living room. When you move your ladder across the room, you lose your footing and the ladder falls over, hitting and shattering a very expensive vase. The client wants reimbursement.


Defense costs

One of your clients is working with several contractors on an extensive home remodel. One of the contractors is accused of causing property damage, and your client brings a lawsuit against you and all the other contractors in their attempt to seek compensation for the damages. You need to hire a lawyer to defend against these claims.

What other types of insurance should a handyman have?

Some handymen may need additional insurance coverage.

Business Equipment Protection

Business Equipment Protection

Business Equipment Protection is a type of first-party insurance that covers business equipment that you own, rent or borrow and is used in connection with your business. (Other insurance companies for small businesses call it inland marine insurance, but we like to keep things clear and simple.)

Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial property insurance covers costs as a result of direct physical loss or damage to a building or its contents in situations like a fire or windstorm. Even your accounts receivable can be protected by commercial property coverage.


Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial auto insurance is a policy that covers liability and physical damage for vehicles that are used as part of business operations and aren’t covered by private auto insurance. Commercial auto policies can provide liability coverage for third party property damage and bodily injury as well as collision coverage.

Add Thimble to your toolbelt

General liability insurance for handyman businesses provides coverage for the financial and legal liabilities associated with accidents that result in third-party bodily injury or property damage. Having the right Handyman Insurance policy is like donning safety goggles while you build your business from scratch.

Signing up for small business insurance with Thimble is easy. Share your ZIP code, desired coverage period (an hour, day, month or more), and we’ll provide you with an instant quote, customized to serve your needs. Complete the process online within minutes and get your Handyman Insurance today.

Handyman Insurance FAQs

How quickly can I get a Certificate of Insurance?

Within 60 seconds — seriously. We’ve taken the traditional insurance process and upgraded it for the 21st century. You can get your handyman insurance quote instantly. Once you purchase your policy, you’ll receive your Certificate of Insurance (COI) in your inbox. Download your copy to share with clients, and access it anytime from the Thimble mobile app.

You can also add and modify Additional Insureds as many times as you’d like, whenever you’d like, from the Thimble App.

You can access your COI immediately after purchasing your policy, even if your policy covers a time period sometime in the future. That means you can share your COI with potential clients, enabling you to win higher-paying jobs and grow your handyman business.

Are workplace injuries of my crew covered?

No, general liability policies only provide coverage for injuries to third parties, like your clients. If you have employees or other handymen working for you, you can purchase coverage for accidental injury to them under a worker’s compensation policy.

Does Thimble’s Handyman Insurance cover damage to my equipment?

No, general liability insurance for handyman businesses only provides coverage for damage to property owned by third parties. You can purchase Business Equipment Protection for the tools and equipment you own and use for work, wherever the job takes you. You can also purchase commercial property insurance or commercial auto insurance policies if you would like to insure your work vehicles and other equipment.