Few things are more satisfying than watching stubborn dirt and stains disappear from homes, driveways, and decks

Yet, whenever you’re at work, there’s always the chance of an accident (one you’d be financially responsible for!). This is why most successful pressure washing businesses protect themselves with pressure washing insurance.

So, how much does pressure washing insurance cost? Let’s dig into what you need to know.

How much does pressure washing insurance cost?

The biggest variable that influences how much pressure washing insurance costs is the type of coverage. At a minimum, every pressure washing business needs general liability insurance.

For most pressure washers, your schedule is dependent on seasonality. With that in mind, paying for liability insurance annually isn’t ideal when you don’t work 365 days a year. Wouldn’t it be beneficial to only pay for insurance when you’re on the clock? We agree! That’s why we created on-demand Pressure Washing Insurance. Purchase coverage when you need it, whether it’s for a few hours, days, a week, or a month.

Here are the median monthly costs of general liability insurance for pressure washers, based on Thimble policies sold:

  • $6 per hour
  • $25 per day
  • $39 per week
  • $38 per month

Pressure Washer GL insurance cost range

General liability insurance protects against damage to other people’s property but not your own equipment. That’s why many pressure washers also choose to purchase equipment insurance, or what we call Business Equipment Protection.

Here are the median costs of pressure washer equipment insurance, based on monthly Thimble coverage:

  • $6 per month for a $1,000 coverage limit
  • $15 per month for a $2,500 coverage limit

Why do pressure washers need general liability insurance?

General liability insurance is a must-have for every pressure washing business. It can help cover the investigation, defense, and settlement for third-party claims relating to:

  • Non-employee, bodily injury
  • Property damage
  • Personal and advertising injury

For instance, you regularly pressure wash building facades. Should you accidentally break a window of a nearby parked car and spray water inside the vehicle, causing expensive water damage, you could be held responsible for the damages. In this case, general liability insurance could help cover the cost of the incident.

How to choose pressure washing equipment insurance?

It’s impossible to do your job without your pressure washer. Although pressure washers are not expensive tools, replacing or repairing one is an expense you could avoid (with the right coverage).

You may need what is known in the insurance world as inland marine insurance, and more simply at Thimble as Business Equipment Protection. This type of coverage is built to protect your first-party property, the tools and equipment that travel with you to jobs.

Business Equipment Protection can help cover the costs to repair or replace tools and equipment, subject to the coverage limit, as a result of:

  • Accidental loss or damage and loss-of-use of your equipment
  • Lost and stolen property and tools
  • Accidental loss or damage to equipment that you’re renting or borrowing

When reviewing your equipment coverage, look for blanket coverage, which means your gear with an individual value of less than $2,500 is covered without listing it specifically on your policy . This is an important nuance, as traditional inland marine policies only cover the equipment specifically listed in the policy.

What impacts how much pressure washing insurance costs?

No two pressure washing businesses are the same. A large commercial pressure washing company will encounter different levels of risk compared to a solo driveway or deck cleaning operation. As a result, the costs they pay for pressure washing business insurance will differ depending on a few key factors:

Location – Where your business is located can impact your insurance cost. For example, a more densely packed area tends to increase the risk of property damage or a bodily injury occurring.

Crew size – Whether you’re a solo operation or have employees can impact your premium. More employees mean increased opportunities for a power washing accident to occur.

Coverage limits – Higher limits will come at an increased cost. But by paying more upfront, you will have greater protection in the event of a claim.

With Thimble, choose between a $1 million or $2 million liability coverage limit for pressure washers general liability coverage. And for equipment coverage, we provide coverage limits of $1,000 or $2,500 each with a $500 per loss deductible.

Coverage length – The amount of time you need coverage, whether for an hour, day, week, or month impacts your insurance premium.

What other types of insurance should pressure washers consider?

General liability insurance and Business Equipment Protection are the most important types of coverage, but there are a few others worth considering. Pressure washing businesses should also have some, if not all, of the following policies:

Auto liability insurance – You likely use a small van or pick-up truck to transport your power washing equipment from job to job. Just like driving for personal use, auto liability insurance is required. Depending on who owns the vehicle and a few other factors, your personal auto coverage could be enough. However, if your business owns the vehicle, you almost always need commercial auto liability coverage. And if you use a large vehicle like a truck or cargo van, you may need a commercial auto liability policy. We know this isn’t exactly black or white. That’s why we always recommend talking with your auto insurance provider to ensure you have adequate protection.

Workers’ compensation – If you have employees, you’re legally obligated to purchase workers’ compensation coverage in most states. It can help cover the costs of an employee getting sick or injured while on the job. If you work alone (and have no employees) you likely don’t need workers’ comp insurance. It’s always best practice to check the requirements in your state to verify how to comply with local workers’ compensation laws.

Commercial property insurance –Do you own or lease an office space that the business operates out of? Then it needs protection too, as well as the things you keep inside. That’s where commercial property insurance comes in. The cost is usually calculated according to several factors including the building location, age, type, and size, as well as the equipment inside.

Clean up your pressure washing business with insurance

A savvy pressure washing business owner makes sure that they purchase the right insurance coverage for their venture. If you’re ready to safeguard your business, then you’re in the right place.

Our on-demand coverage combines affordability with convenience to make sure that business can get the protection they need. It only takes 60 seconds to get covered. Just click “Get a Quote” or download the Thimble app, answer a few brief questions, and receive your free quote. Click to purchase and your policy and Certificate of Insurance (COI) will be instantly sent to your inbox.