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100% Free All your COIs— sorted, saved, and simple. Keep all your insurance requirements and Certificates of Insurance in one place, automate approvals, and stay organized. More compliance (less complaints). Get Started Pete Smith Approved General Liability June 14 – Aug 30, 2020 Minimum Aggregate Limit$2,000,000 Certificate HolderChariot Hotel Description of OperationsChariot Building, 124 S.

About Us Thimble makes insurance simple, to help businesses succeed on their own terms. 75% Of our customers never had business insurance before Thimble 4.8 App store rating, available in the iOS App Store or Android App Store We work hard to make it easy for over 120 professions including handymen, DJs, pet sitters, beauticians,

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Flip the switch to Thimble. Cancel your annual business insurance and get covered by the hour, day, or month in 60 seconds. Get a Quote Flip the switch to Thimble. Cancel your annual business insurance and get covered by the hour, day, or month in 60 seconds. Other Insurers* Coverage Period Hourly, Daily, or Monthly

Small business insurance that works when you do. Get covered for an hour, day, or month in 60 seconds. Get a Quote Compare Thimble vs. Traditional Insurance Get a Quote Two simple ways to do more. Thimble is the first and only provider breaking upone-size-fits-all policies for your one-of-a-kind workday. Already have insurance? See if Thimble

Over 30,000 business owners have figured out how to get business insurance starting at just $5 – here’s how. How is Thimble so affordable? Who is Thimble for? What does the insurance cover? What makes Thimble different? How do I get a quote? Get a Quote A new app from New York City-based Thimble is

On-demand General Liability Insurance Getting a quote is easy. Enter your profession, zip code, and project dates to protect yourself from on-the-job accidents in seconds. Get a Quote QuickCreated with Sketch. Quick Get a Certificate of Insurance in your inbox—and your client’s—in seconds. AffordableCreated with Sketch. Affordable Policies start at just $5. Get coverage for

Introduction Quote API Introduction to Thimble API’s In order to utilize Thimble’s APIs, Thimble and your company must start by signing a Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement. API documents, accessible in Apiary (see links below), will be made available prior to executing a Partner Agreement with our Business Development team (business@thimble.com). Appkeys will be distributed only after

Thimble makes it easy for partners to bring short-term business insurance solutions to customers Our drop-in Widget allows your customers to purchase insurance on your website. Easy to implement: Does not require IT department or API integration Easy way to get started offering tailored insurance by the job Become a Partner How it works Embedding

Thimble 101 How to Modify Your Policy Thimble allows you to edit some details of your policy after purchase, including the named insured, Additional Insureds, and more. Once you make your changes, an updated certificate of insurance will be sent to your email immediately! Tutorial Add or edit Additional Insureds Manage your insureds anytime, anywhere,

Coronavirus and your business

We know your small business has likely been impacted, so we've put together some resources that we think may be useful.