Why do I need Delivery Driver Insurance?

As a delivery driver, you spend your days bringing orders to customers throughout your city. Whether you’re delivering hot food, wholesale goods or packages, it’s your job to make sure you get to your delivery locations safely and on time. On top of that, you must take care that what you’re delivering also gets to its final destination in pristine condition.

In an ideal world, you’d breeze through your delivery route and leave nothing but satisfied customers in your wake. The reality is, the job of a delivery driver is unpredictable. Time constraints, route, traffic and weather conditions all play a role in how safely and effectively you can perform your job. And when unfortunate circumstances arise (often beyond your control), you’ll need Delivery Driver Insurance to protect your business.

As a driver on the clock, you’re always looking to navigate around obstacles and park your car at your destination in the swiftest way possible. But what if one day you accidentally nick or bump something on your customer’s property? While your auto liability insurance might cover damage to your vehicle, you would need Delivery Driver general liability insurance to ensure you’re covered against property damage claims not involving your vehicle.

There’s no getting around it—if you’re a delivery driver, you need general liability insurance. General liability insurance protects you from third-party claims of bodily injury, personal and advertising injury, and property damage.

What is covered under Delivery Driver Insurance?

You’re a delivery driver. You take great care to protect the condition of the orders you’re delivering. General liability and professional insurance is there to protect your business. Delivery Driver Insurance can protect you from the following:

3rd-party, non-employee bodily injury – Your job doesn’t stop when you exit your vehicle. If you are involved in an accident while on foot and someone gets hurt, you could be held liable for bodily injury.

3rd-party property damage – Should you damage someone’s property at the delivery location, you could be held liable for 3rd party property damage.

Defense and investigation costs – If a claim not involving your vehicle is brought against you, even if it’s totally baseless, you could still be on the hook for your own legal defense and investigation if you don’t have general liability insurance.

Are workplace injuries of my staff covered?

Injuries to your staff are not covered. General liability insurance only gives you coverage for injuries to clients and other third parties. If you have other delivery drivers or staff working for you, you should consider investing in workers’ compensation insurance. In most states, workers’ comp is actually required if you have employees.

Does Deliver Driver Insurance cover damage to my equipment?

Also, no. General liability insurance can only provide coverage for damage to your client’s or a third party’s property. If you’re looking to cover your own equipment, consider inland marine insurance.