London Underwriters Agents, meet on-demand business insurance.

Thimble is now available to all London Underwriters Agents!

Designed for the gig economy, the short-term coverage Thimble offers is completely unique: workers can get insured for an hour, a day, a week, and all the way up to a year. Thimble insures 130+ professions, and all policies are underwritten by Markel Insurance group.

Your current London Underwriters agreement allows you to sign up easily for Thimble’s Broker Portal. Start offering Thimble to your customers today.

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Simple Sign-Up
No appointments necessary


Easy to Refer
Clients can bind a policy in 60 seconds


Get Paid
10% commission in perpetuity, with real-time reporting

Join now

$50 Bonus

For each new customer plus 10% commission in perpetuity​

*Extends to all approved brokers for all new customers who buy a policy for the first time. No limit on bonuses. Subject to terms and conditions of the Thimble Broker Program.

How It Works

1. Once you sign up for our Broker Program, we will give you a unique Broker ID. This ID will allow you to send your clients to our website or app, where you will be credited for every purchase!

Thimble also allows you to embed our purchase widget onto your own website, so your customers can purchase on-demand insurance through your site.

2. Customer events like quoting, purchasing, extending, and more will be tracked and credited to your account. You can log in to your Broker Portal anytime to see your customers interaction.

3. That’s it! You will get a commission for each and every policy they purchase with Thimble. Commissions for purchases are paid once a month.

Refer your clients
to Thimble.

Build quotes + bind policies for your clients. Send a bound policy to your client for easy 1-click approval.

After they purchase, make the changes your clients need instantly. Add Additional Insureds and crew members, increase coverage limits and extend dates on a moment’s notices.

Real-Time Dashboard

The Thimble Broker Portal provides you with referral links to the Thimble App and website. Sending these links to your customers will track when they create an account, purchase, extend, cancel, or modify a policy. ​ 

All of these actions will be displayed in your referrals table in the portal. As a broker, you will be paid a 10% commission for your customers’ purchases. Commissions are paid monthly.

  • How do I get paid my commissions? Commissions will be paid in accordance with your agreement with Appalachian Underwriters. Please reach out to Appalachian Underwriters support if you have any questions about your commissions on Thimble policies, including any agent bonuses.
  • What is the Thimble Broker Program? Our Broker Portal makes it easy for top brokers and agents to partner with us and offer our insurance coverage to clients.

    Through this portal, agents can track clients across time, and attribution is assigned to the agent through a unique link delivered via email or phone. Commissions are processed automatically: we pay a 10% commission on the policy value for anyone referred, across all purchases. And you receive a commission on every policy the client buys from us in the future, not just the first purchase!

    Please note: you must be a licensed property & casualty broker in order for Thimble to process commission payments.

    Check out our Broker Portal to see what Thimble can do for your insurance agency.
  • What customers can I sell Thimble coverage to? Thimble offers a unique short-term insurance product built for small business owners and independent contractors. Coverage can be purchased by the hour, day, or month, making it a perfect fit for clients seeking the flexibility and freedom to work on their own schedules.

    Thimble covers over 160 jobs. See a full list of included activities here.
  • Are Thimble broker sales covered by an errors & omissions policy? Policies are covered by Thimble’s errors & omissions insurance, but broker program participants are required to carry $1M in cyber liability and E&O coverage as a precaution.
  • How is the coverage arranged by Thimble different from Markel’s General Liability offering? In contrast to Markel’s annual General Liability policies, the General Liability insurance arranged by Thimble is available on demand, with policies starting from an hour up to several months. By joining the Thimble Broker Program, agents are able to price short-term risks and offer their customers access to a new product.
  • Who is the broker of record on Thimble policies? Thimble is the broker of record on all policies.
  • Can I see an example Certificate of Insurance and policy? Yes, you can see examples of policies by state in your Broker Portal at
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