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What is an ACORD 25 Certificate of Insurance?

A Certificate of Insurance (COI) is a physical or electronic document that provides proof to your clients or business partners that you have a valid, active insurance policy.

Many Certificates of Insurance you see were created by a company called ACORD (Association for Cooperative Operations Research and Development), which develops form templates that have become the industry standard.

An ACORD insurance form summarizes the key details of your insurance policy, including:

  • Your legal name and business information
  • The insurer who issued your policy
  • The policy number, effective date, and expiration date
  • The type of coverage included
    (e.g. professional liability or general liability)
  • Insurance limits and deductibles in dollar amounts
  • Additional Insureds

Thimble issues all policyholders and Additional Insureds an ACORD 25 certificate, which generally comes in PDF format.

A COI provides proof that you have business insurance and are protected against claims of bodily injury, property damage and/or negligence.”

Terri Hitchcock, JD
Chief Insurance Officer, Thimble
Terri has 38 years of industry experience and knows a thing or two about insurance, so she reviewed and approved everything on this page.

Why do I need to show proof of liability insurance?

A COI is important because, quite simply, it gives small business owners and contractors the confidence that they’re protected by insurance, and in turn, their clients have protection as well. It’s the document that provides others with proof that you have business liability insurance for claims of bodily injury, property damage, or negligence, depending on your policy.

Many companies and individuals may also require you to provide a COI before signing a contract, for the same reason: if something goes wrong, they want to rest assured that they won’t to foot the bill or make a claim under their own insurance policies.

How much does a Certificate of Insurance cost?

With Thimble, it’s free! Once you have purchased your general liability insurance or professional liability coverage, you can access your ACORD Certificate of Insurance at no additional cost.

The cost of your liability insurance coverage will vary based on a number of factors, most notably your industry and your ZIP code. Our plans start at $5 with $0 deductible for a $1 million policy.


How long does it take to get one?

With Thimble, it’s instant. Usually you’d have to wait a few days for a broker to send it to you, but when you purchase a Thimble policy, your proof of insurance appears immediately in your inbox.

Got it? COIs, free and instant. Not too shabby.


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How do I get my Certificate of Insurance?

It’s pretty simple: purchase an insurance policy. Once you’ve purchased a policy, you’ll be able to share your Certificate of Insurance and prove that you’re covered.



Coverage Dates Begins April 7, 2020

Policy Number VFMK-P3VRM3EGR

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Your certificate of insurance has been sent you your email.

Can I share my Certificate of Insurance?

Yes! Your COI will come in the form of a PDF, which makes it easy to share with clients who need to see that your insurance is active. With Thimble, you can get unlimited copies of your COI—for free—and easily share in a few taps with the Thimble mobile app. If you want to email the certificate to an Additional Insured, you can use your phone’s built-in sharing functions, the same way you’d share photos on the go.

Once it’s shared, how do you or your clients check the status of a policy? On the first page of the certificate, there is a verification link right after “Validate this Policy Online.” Copy and paste this URL into a web browser or click it directly, and a web page will open which displays the live status of the policy.

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How do I view and share my Certificate of Insurance from Thimble?

If you just purchased a policy, you will see the “Congratulations” screen with an option to “Go to My Certificates.” On the mobile app, you can also go to “Certificates and Docs” in the menu, then tap on “View Certificate” or “Individual Certificate” under “Documents.” Once you tap “Go to My Certificates,” your individual ACORD 25 Certificate of Insurance will load. COIs are only available for purchased policies.

If the policy has Additional Insureds, they will appear in the menu at the top of the page in the mobile app. Tap to reveal the Additional Insureds and tap on the Additional Insured whose certificate you want to view. They will be the certificate holder, and the file will contain their Additional Insured endorsement, adding them to the policy, as well as a Waiver of Subrogation.

What is a certificate holder?

The certificate holder doesn’t physically hold or keep the COI; rather, their name on the document acts as a mark of recognition. In other words, the certificate holder is the Named Insured. It demonstrates that they’ve confirmed the validity of the policy and recognize that the policyholder has indeed proven that they’re covered. On top of that, any certificate holder can request notification in the event that there are any changes, amendments, or cancellations of the policy by the policyholder. The COI should let them know to make the request.

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