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Why do I need Tai Chi Instructor insurance?

As a tai chi instructor, you promote the use of meditation, movement, and breathing to facilitate the flow of chi. The regulation of chi is linked to improving the health and well-being of its practitioners. This form of martial arts is especially popular among older adults who prefer this low-intensity form of training.

While you aim to assist others by encouraging their chi to flow smoothly, you can’t disregard your own safety. Although tai chi does not require the use of supplemental equipment, there will always be a risk of injury when it comes to physical activity. What if an elderly client happens to fall on the uneven ground at an outdoor tai chi session and break his hip?

Despite your encouragement to move slowly and be mindful, a single accident could hinder your ability to teach—your fault or not. If they choose to take their discontent to court, you could suddenly be left to protect your business alone. Whether you own a yoga studio, a martial arts dojo, or you’re the head instructor at a tai chi and qigong center, it’s imperative that you are protected with liability insurance.

The dangers extend beyond physical injury too. You could be liable for any expenses charged to you if you accidentally damage your client’s property while rendering services. Say, for instance, that a client hires you to teach tai chi at their house. Upon entering, you accidentally knock over a precious bottle of brandy sitting atop a shelf. It shatters. Being that the brandy was one of 20 ever made, the client now wants you to pay for their property damage.

Thimble can help ensure that your professional reputation and financial security are safeguarded with martial arts insurance. Every tai chi Instructor could benefit from general liability insurance and professional liability insurance. That’s where Thimble’s Tai Chi Instructor Insurance comes in.

Don’t let worries of potential injuries or damages disrupt your flow. Be conscientious of your future and safety.

A tai chi instructor insurance policy allows you to practice without fear or anxiety while teaching. As you guide others, let Thimble guide you should you need assistance. At Thimble, we help instructors teaching tai chi find the insurance coverage that fits with their practice. Get your tai chi instructor insurance policy today.


Quick thinking insurance for small businesses.

Quick thinking insurance for small businesses.

Quick thinking insurance for small businesses.

Quick thinking insurance for small businesses.

Quick thinking insurance for small businesses.

Quick thinking insurance for small businesses.

Quick thinking insurance for small businesses.

Quick thinking insurance for small businesses.

What does Tai Chi Instructor Insurance cover?

Thimble provides general liability and professional liability insurance centralized around the needs of tai chi instructors and the situations you may face, such as the following:


Third-party, non-employee bodily injury

A new client joins you at your session in the park. However, the newcomer is too fixated on pushing outwards with her upper body. As she overreaches, she loses her balance and happens to fall face-first towards the metal trash bin. She busts her lip and chips her front tooth. Now, she wants you to pay for her ER visit and dental work.

Property Damage Icon

Third-party property damage

Although you remind participants to move their belongings to a designated area, you are leading a movement when there is, all at once, a crunch beneath your foot. You unintentionally broke your client’s name-brand eyeglasses. Your client expects you to replace the pricey frames and lenses.


Defense costs

A client wants to file a lawsuit against you, claiming that your instruction led to a severe neck injury. Although it seems likely that the trauma came from the pole dancing class she mentioned she took beforehand, you must hire an attorney to prove your innocence.


Errors & Omissions

Before a class, you forget to remind everyone to be aware of their footing because, occasionally, there can be some sharp rocks in the park’s grass. An enthusiastic and exuberant student steps with too much conviction and ends up with a nasty gash on her foot. She files a lawsuit because she says she has been unable to work; thus, she’s losing money due to your “negligence.”

How much does tai chi instructor insurance cost?

We tailor your policy to fit you. The rate will be based on the amount of risk associated with your work, the business’s ZIP code, your staff size, and the coverage limits you desire.

But, if you’re not working, you’re not paying. Only pay for your insurance when you need it—by the hour, day, or month. It doesn’t end there. You’re free to add an unlimited number of Additional Insureds and acquire however many Certificates of Insurance you’d like.

Protect your tai chi practice with Thimble’s flexible, intuitive, and dynamic insurance.

Tai Chi Instructor Insurance FAQs

How quickly can I get a Certificate of Insurance?

Get your Certificate of Insurance (COI) instantly. You can request a quote and buy your policy in less than a minute. It’ll arrive in your inbox before your class finishes stretching.

Find an opening at the perfect studio with an excellent location and need to act fast? All you need to jump at the opportunity is the Thimble app, as you can showcase your COI directly from your phone.

Not only can you make adjustments to your policy as you please, but you can also add as many Additional Insureds as you’d like, directly on the Thimble app.

To top it all off, you can download your COI before your term begins and schedule coverage to start any time up to six months beforehand. If the job doesn’t pan out, you can cancel your policy without penalty, as long as it’s more than an hour before the coverage was slated to start.

The tai chi studio I work for already carries business insurance. Do I need my own tai chi instructor insurance policy?

Yes. Tai chi instruction can be provided in a variety of settings: in a class, program, at a home, or even outdoors. Without the need for equipment, you have a lot of freedom to instruct others anywhere the demand is. So, no matter where you’re teaching, when you carry your own insurance, you know for certain that you’re protected from risk.

Even if a certain studio hires you consistently, regardless of their policy, you might not be fully aware of the coverage provided for you—without understanding the details intuitively, there could be gaps that would leave you liable in the case of a mishap.

As a tai chi instructor, the goal is to grow your business and positively affect the lives of your pupils. By having tai chi instructor insurance, you can work with the peace of mind you need in your practice.

Additionally, many clients and studios are going to want to see a Certificate of Insurance, even requiring that you have one. By having your own insurance policy, you prove to your customers that they are in good hands.

What are the tai chi instructor insurance policy limits?

Thimble wants you to find a policy that works for you. With our tai chi Instructor Insurance policy, you can opt between a $1 million or $2 million limit. While it’s dependent on your personal needs, you may want to consider the higher-coverage policy. Although the difference in coverage is up to a million dollars, the difference in the policy rate is minuscule. The policy limit chosen is dependent on the amount of risk you feel is present in your work.

Are workplace injuries of my staff covered?

No. General liability insurance only covers third-party injuries. If you employ other instructors, you should look into purchasing workers’ compensation coverage.

Does Thimble’s tai chi Instructor Insurance cover damage to my equipment?

Thimble’s General Liability insurance does not protect any equipment or vehicles you have purchased or used for work. It only covers damage to your client’s or a third-party’s property.

If you’d like coverage for your equipment, you could opt to buy commercial property and auto insurance.

How do I get Tai Chi Insurance with Thimble?

This part is easy.

In less than 60 seconds, you can see your quote, pick a policy, and make a purchase.

All we need is your ZIP code, some details about your business, and the length of coverage you want—choose between hourly, daily, or monthly policies.

Once you’ve clicked purchase, you’ll have instant access to a copy of your policy and as many COIs as you want, as well as unlimited Additional Insureds at no additional cost. To make your insurance journey even more of a breeze, download the Thimble mobile app to view and make changes to your policy straight from your phone!

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