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Why do I need crossfit coach insurance?

The appeal of a fitness coach is twofold. As a client, you gain someone who is rooting for you, motivating you, and encouraging healthy practices to improve your well-being. And, as a CrossFit coach and trainer, you get to witness the fruits of your labor shine forth in your client’s improved self-confidence, healthy habits, and, most importantly, quality of life.

Although, as a fitness professional, it’s not all smiles and sweating. You’re also acutely aware of the risks inherent to your business. Injuries, strain, and exhaustion are all relevant factors that play through your mind. At Thimble, we ask: do you take the same precautions for your business as you do for your clients?

That’s why you need Thimble CrossFit Coach Insurance. Thimble aims to protect CrossFit coaches with coverage that protects them from the inherent risks. For example, while performing an overhead squat, the weight becomes a little too much for your client, and they drop it on their head. They need to be taken to Urgent Care in case of a concussion, and they expect you, their trainer, to pay for medical expenses.

CrossFit coaches who travel to clients’ homes for personal training sessions are especially susceptible to these kinds of risks. Imagine, for example, when wanting to show different leg strengthening exercises, you use a box lying in a corner. Before the client has a chance to warn you, you’ve stepped through an unsealed box of expensive artwork. Now, you’re looking at a few paychecks gone toward property damage after just a single workout.

Your clients are willing to invest in their health, but if they don’t meet their health goals, regardless of how much encouragement you offer, they can become particularly frustrated—sometimes litigious. If you’ve laid out fitness goals in a contract, they could sue you for breaching that contract in an attempt to get out of payment. Now you need to hire a lawyer.

For these unfortunate circumstances and more, let Thimble be there for you. With general liability insurance and professional liability insurance, you can be protected from third-party claims of negligence, bodily injuries, property damage, and more.

Whether you are considering opening a CrossFit gym, you’re a personal trainer, or you’re an instructor for CrossFit classes, everyone working in a fitness facility should have liability coverage. When you’re doing work, we’ll spot you. CrossFit Coach insurance will allow you to help others’ well-being while ensuring your financial well-being.

What does CrossFit Coach Insurance cover?

Thimble’s General Liability and Professional Liability Insurance specifically cater to CrossFit coaches such as yourself, especially in situations similar to the following:

Third-party, non-employee bodily injury: During a minute rest period between circuits, a client decides to bounce around on a BOSU ball. Before you can warn him not to play on the equipment, he loses his balance, falls forward, and ends up hitting a weight lying on the ground. He believes you’re responsible for his ambulance and x-rays.

Third-party property damage: A client hires you to host a boot camp for her and her friends. After the session, she claims that you damaged her award-winning roses with one of your fitness tires during a drill. She would like you to pay for the property damages, including the cost of an agricultural specialist, to come and revive her flowers before the annual competition.

Defense costs: During a group exercise program, one of your clients passes out from exhaustion. They end up taking you to court over this, and you’re forced to hire a defense. Later it’s found that they had been on the fifth day of a 7-day fast, but if you hadn’t had to pay the defense costs, you might not have won.

Errors & Omissions: Your client has never used a squat rack before, so you offer to spot them. They seem to be executing each rep properly, so you check on other clients. However, a week later, your client claims she obtained a lower back injury that prevents her from sitting and working for long periods. As a high-paid managing director at a large financial institution, she sues you for rehabilitation and loss of income from being unable to perform at work.

How much does CrossFit Coach Insurance cost?

We personalize your policy to fit your needs, which means that Thimble bases the rate off your location, the number of employees, desired coverage limits, as well as the amount of risk associated with your business. We can offer CrossFit Coach Insurance that’s affordable for you because you only have to pay for what you need.

Whether you’d like to pay hourly, daily, or monthly, Thimble will work with you to find the policy that suits your needs. Plus, add as many Additional Insureds and receive as many Certificates of Insurance you need at no additional cost.

Focus on HIIT, not getting hit with a lawsuit. Get a quote for your CrossFit Coach Insurance policy now.

How quickly can I get a Certificate of Insurance?

With Thimble, you can get a free insurance quote and buy your policy within a rest period between sets. Once the 60-second timer is up and it’s time to move onto your next exercise, your Certificate of Insurance (COI) will be waiting in your inbox.

Are you hoping to join a fitness convention and have your own table? You’ll need a COI to verify your eligibility. With the Thimble app, you can produce a COI instantly and secure your spot.

You can schedule the coverage for up to 6 months in advance. And if a bad weather storm ends up shutting down the convention, you can cancel your policy risk-free, all the way up until the hour before your policy was scheduled to start.

Want to add or adjust your Additional Insureds? Need additional COIs? Easy. You can do so from the Thimble app whenever you want for free.

The gym I work for already carries Business Insurance. Do I need my own CrossFit Coach Insurance policy?

If you ever offer CrossFit training boot camps or rent out your own space for sessions, then you need your own CrossFit Coach Insurance policy. Any occasion where you operate independently from your gym would not be covered under your company policy.

Even if you’re offered coverage through your company, it is still an excellent decision to have your own. Suppose one of your students feels your instruction is to blame for worsening an old injury. Your company might not cover you should you be sued individually, leaving you to fend for yourself.

Guarantee that you’re protected from third-party claims of property damage or bodily injury with a Thimble CrossFit Coach Insurance policy before you find yourself in need.

What are the CrossFit Coach Insurance policy limits?

For CrossFit Coach Insurance, Thimble allows you to choose a policy limit of either $1 million or $2 million. Your limit should depend on your needs and the risks that you’d like to be insured against.

Does Thimble’s CrossFit Coach Insurance cover damage to my equipment?

Only a third-party’s or your client’s property is covered with general liability insurance. If you’re worried about potential damage to your equipment or your work car, you would need to look into acquiring a commercial property or auto insurance policy.

How do I get CrossFit Coach Insurance with Thimble?

Cut waiting out of the equation. With the Thimble app, you can have a CrossFit Coach Insurance policy faster than it’d take to complete three sets of kettlebell swings. Just provide us with information about your business, ZIP code, and length of coverage. Your quote will be in your inbox in moments. From there, you can instantly purchase and receive your Certificate of Insurance.

It’s the kind of thing that can really have an impact on your success. Get to work on a CrossFit Coach Insurance quote now.

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