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Why do I need Santa insurance?

As a Santa Claus performer, you bring Christmas cheer to private homes, retail spaces, and company parties. We insure over 120 professions, but yours may be the best—you’re Santa!

You know every time you suit up: with great power comes great responsibility. Whether you’re performing in a decoration-crowded event space or setting up shop in an unfamiliar office environment, something can always go wrong on the job. This is why all Santa performers need general liability insurance and professional liability insurance.

As you pose for pictures with a line of children, you might fail to catch a particularly squirmy child who seems hell-bent on escaping to the floor. If you’re not protected with a Santa Insurance policy, you could find yourself personally responsible for any medical costs from his fall, along with the fees of hiring legal representation to defend yourself. It’s the kind of thing that can take the joy out of the job.

Around the holidays, people can be especially stressed—and especially litigious. A single wrong step on your part could send a department store’s prop gift pile into disarray, bringing boxes down on customers’ heads and leading to a bodily injury claim. A client might even bring a professional negligence lawsuit against you, claiming you should have familiarized yourself with the set’s layout and the props’ stability before the event began.

Beyond the risk of potential injury, you could also be held liable if a client suffers property damage while you’re performing. If your bag of toys snags on a standing lamp and sends it tumbling, the owner could choose to sue you for damages, even if that’s really not in the Christmas spirit.

General Liability insurance protects Santas from third-party claims of bodily injury and property damage that can arise out of their work, whether you’re working in a private home or office or at the mall. Professional Liability insurance for Santa performers protects you from claims of negligence, errors, or mistakes related to your services.

You’re used to working fast (you’re Santa, after all), and you need an insurance policy designed to work when you do. Get Thimble Santa Insurance, protect the future of your business, cross one big thing off your list.

Quick thinking insurance for small businesses.

Quick thinking insurance for small businesses.

Quick thinking insurance for small businesses.

Quick thinking insurance for small businesses.

Quick thinking insurance for small businesses.

Quick thinking insurance for small businesses.

Quick thinking insurance for small businesses.

Quick thinking insurance for small businesses.

What does Santa Insurance cover?

The General Liability and Professional Liability Insurance created by Thimble is designed to protect Santa service performers from liability in situations such as the below:


Third-party, non-employee bodily injury

You’ve been hired to show up at a private home on Christmas Eve with your toy bag filled with the family’s gifts. But that bag is heavy, and unfortunately, you more-or-less have to drop it to the floor, crushing the dad’s toe in the process. Now, he expects you to pay for the cost of his hospital visit and rehabilitation.

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Third-party property damage

You’re performing at a client’s holiday party, and you’re spreading cheer amongst the guests while drinking your signature glass of milk. When a woman jostles you, you spill it on her designer jacket, and she insists drycleaning can’t undo the liquid damage. She expects to be reimbursed in full.


Defense costs

At a charity event, you’re asked to lead the audience in song and dance, and as part of the act, you bring two volunteers up on stage to perform as your elves. One of them claims he’s injured his ankle during the dance, and he sues you for damages. While the case goes to trial, you’re responsible for the costs of your legal defense, even if it comes out that he’s had the injury since Halloween.


Errors & omissions

You’re booked for a neighborhood community holiday party and gave them a discount if they pre-paid for photos. However, on the day of you catch the flu and miss the event. The community could claim you were negligent for the lost photo sales.

How much does Santa Insurance cost?

The rate for Thimble’s Santa Insurance is based on the specific level of risk related to your business, including your location, crew size, and the coverage limits you select. When you’re a seasonal performer, you don’t want to pay a penny for the 11 months you’re not working as Santa. Our Santa Liability Insurance is so affordable because you only pay for the length of coverage you need—pay by the hour, day, or month. On top of that, you add as many Additional Insureds and get as many Certificates of Insurance as you need for free.

Protect your Santa business with flexible, on-demand, or monthly insurance coverage from Thimble. Get your free Santa Insurance quote now.

Santa Insurance FAQs

How quickly can I get a Certificate of Insurance?

As soon as you need it. It just takes less than a minute to get your free insurance quote and purchase your policy. From there, your Certificate of Insurance (COI) arrives in your inbox instantaneously.

Whether you’re working at a mall or a public tree lighting, you’ll come into contact with hundreds of people, and many venues will require proof of insurance. With fast, flexible coverage from Thimble, you can show it within seconds.

You can download your COI before your coverage terms begin. Get ready for the holiday season before the bustle arrives: with Thimble, you can schedule your coverage to begin at any date up to six months in advance. If your plans change, you can cancel your policy risk-free up to 1 hour before your coverage is set to begin.

It’s easy to make changes to your policy, too. On the Thimble app, you can add and modify your Additional Insureds as often as you need to.

What are the Santa Insurance policy limits?

With Thimble, you can select a policy limit of $1 million or $2 million for your Santa Insurance, depending on the needs of your business and the level of risk you want to be insured against. With a $2 million limit, you’ll be prepared for whatever the holiday season throws your way.

Are workplace injuries of my staff covered?

No. General Liability insurance only provides liability coverage for injuries to third parties. If you hire some “Santa’s helpers” to accompany you to larger events, you may need a workers’ compensation coverage to provide coverage for accidental injury sustained by your employees and subcontractors.

Does Thimble’s Santa Insurance cover damage to my equipment?

No. General liability insurance provides coverage for damage to client and third-party property. Your most relied-on equipment (like your suit) can be covered with a commercial property policy.

How do I get Santa Insurance with Thimble?

It only takes a minute to insure your business with Thimble. When you provide us with a few details about your services, your zip code, and your desired liability coverage length (hourly, daily, or monthly), you can get your quote, purchase, and receive your Certificate of Insurance instantly. Get Thimble and go to work—you’ve got a lot of houses to get to.

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