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Why do I need carpet cleaning insurance?

A tenant comes home to find that their toilet hose has burst, spewing water onto the carpeted floor of their apartment, drenching all the way through to the apartment below. The management company sends the one person they need desperately, you, the professional carpet cleaner, to assess the water damage restoration.

Giant water vacuums, massive fans, temperature control units—the list of equipment for proper carpet cleaning services can be long. More often than not, you are dealing with a client who is under duress at the potential water damage to their living space. At these times, it is not ridiculous to think people are prone to not only accidents, but looking to blame others for said accidents.

For that reason and more, it is vital that you insure your carpet cleaning enterprise with a General Liability Insurance policy from Thimble. This policy can help protect against all sorts of claims including bodily harm, property damage, and the costs that accompany them.

Do the right thing for your business—protect it with Carpet Cleaning Insurance from Thimble.

What does Carpet Cleaning Insurance cover?

Thimble’s policies are designed to protect carpet cleaners from liability in situations like:

Third-party, non-employee bodily injury: A low-grade tropical storm hits a home. Normally, they’d be fine but someone forgot to shut the rear door. For 9 straight hours, a torrential downpour seeped into the first floor and basement of the home. You go in and immediately get to work in the basement. Your water extrication hose snakes out the same back door, and someone trips over it. Now, they expect you to pay their medical bills. Talk about a slippery situation.

Third-party property damage: A dog has pretty much destroyed this poor family’s rugs. So much so that they need to get the trimming along the floorboards fixed as well, for which they say they know someone. You shampoo the carpet and set up industrial strength fans to dry them quicker. This floorboard installation specialist fails to realize the fans are on as they set up, causing a ladder to tip over and destroy their band saw. Even though it was a total accident, that flooring specialist then files a claim against you for the cost.

Defense costs: You are subcontracted to clean a commercial carpet for a corporate office through a third party. If the client is dissatisfied with the work, you can be named in a suit through no fault of your own. You’re now forced to hire an attorney to protect your business.

How much does Carpet Cleaning Insurance cost?

Thimble’s Carpet Cleaning Insurance policy rate is based on the level of risk related to your business, including its location, size (yourself and your employees), as well as the coverage limit you select. Thimble makes carpet cleaning insurance so affordable because you only pay for what you need, by the hour, day, or month. With as many Additional Insureds and Certificates of Insurance as you’d like for free, you can finally get insurance that works for you.

Protect your carpet cleaning business today with flexible coverage from Thimble. Get your free Carpet Cleaning Insurance quote now.

How quickly can I get a Certificate of Insurance?

Instantly. With the Thimble app, you can get a Certificate of Insurance generated when you purchase a policy—from start to finish within 60 seconds.

Say you are trying to bid as a vendor for a large office building—you want to win the carpet cleaning services contract but don’t want to pay for the insurance coverage unless you win the business. With Thimble, you can purchase a policy up to 6 months ahead of time but still get the Certificate of Insurance any time in the lead-up. You become a verified vendor and score that juicy contract.

What if it falls through? You can also cancel up to 1 hour prior to the start of coverage as well, completely penalty-free.

Plus, with the Thimble app, you can add and modify your Additional Insured as often as the need arises. That’s insurance made simple.

What are the Carpet Cleaning Insurance policy limits?

The available policy limits are $1 million and $2 million, depending on your carpet cleaning business’s needs. With Thimble’s Carpet Cleaning Insurance, you set the policy limit and the length of coverage, making it the most tailored, affordable option available.

Are workplace injuries of my staff covered?

They are not. General Liability only provides coverage for injuries sustained by third parties, not those who work under you. Should you need to hire additional help for particularly egregious work projects, you should consider purchasing workers’ compensation insurance. This can help provide coverage for accidental injuries sustained on the project for your employees or subcontractors.

Does Thimble’s Carpet Cleaning Insurance cover damage to my equipment?

No. General liability insurance is meant as protection against damage to your client’s property or a third-party’s. Many carpet cleaning services are housed in trucks or vans, so if you use a vehicle or any special equipment for your work, it would be in your best interest to purchase a commercial property or auto insurance policy.

How do I get Carpet Cleaning Insurance with Thimble?

Thimble’s insurance coverage allows you to insure your carpet cleaning business in under a minute. All you need to provide are a few details about your carpet cleaning services, the ZIP code in which your business is located, and the length of your policy, With that information, Thimble will generate an instant quote for your Carpet Cleaning Insurance. Once you purchase, your Certificate of Insurance will be sent to you immediately.

Get your Carpet Cleaning Insurance quote now and protect your business!

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