How to Get Insured with Thimble

Receive a quote tailored to your job and get insured in seconds. You’ll have the flexibility to select coverage for the time, location, and people that you need included on the policy—plus instant access to policy documents including your certificate of insurance.

Tell Us Where Your Business is Located

Enter the ZIP code of your primary business address. If you don’t have one, enter your home ZIP code.

Tell Us What You Do

Search for your job, or select the category that best describes your work.

Select Your Dates

Choose a time period that fits your work, whether hourly, daily, or monthly. You can extend any active policy.

Receive Your Custom Quote

  • Choose Your Coverage Limit
  • See What’s Included
  • Adjust Your Time Frame
  • Add Extra Activities
  • See Your Tailored Quote
  • Get Insured!

Add Crew Members

Your crew includes any crew members, employees, and volunteers whose actions related to the covered activities you would like to be insured by your policy.

Add Additional Insureds

An Additional Insured is a party added to a liability policy as an insured in regard to a specific job, activity, or location. This person or entity has a business relationship with the Named Insured.

Manage Your Policies

  • Add Additional Insureds
  • View and Share Policy Documents
  • Extend Your Policy
  • Cancel Your Policy
  • Modify Upcoming Policies