This App Offers High-Quality Business Insurance For Insanely Cheap.

Over 30,000 business owners have figured out how to get business insurance starting at just $5 - here’s how.

A new app from New York City-based Thimble is saving small business owners hundreds of dollars each year on liability insurance. “Thimble was incredibly easy and by far the most affordable!! I will only use Thimble for coverage for my small business!”, said Kara Lowry, an event planner with Kiss Events. And Kara isn’t alone – Thimble is one of the best-rated business apps in the AppStore with over 4.8 stars and they’ve posted a page with all their reviews, good and bad, with over 90% of verified business owners giving it a resounding 5-stars.

How is Thimble so affordable?

Thimble has rethought every aspect of buying business insurance starting with the most frustrating – the traditional annual policy.

Today, general and professional liability coverage is only available with the purchase of an annual policy – meaning the cheapest policy you as a business owner can purchase is $300 for a year. Thimble is the first and only insurance provider breaking up one-size-fits-all policies for your one-of-a-kind workday. Thimble has spent years passing regulations in 48 states so that they can now offer insurance for as little as one hour.

Was faster an easy for me better rates too

Was fast, easy, and cheaper rates than using a typical agency like I have before, better coverage for a way better price. I also like that I can get an additional insured (no extra charge) and coi done myself for clients who require it. I don’t know how long this has been around, but wish I had it for years.

Blake V. Feb 12, 2020

Who is Thimble for?

Thimble has covered over 30,000 small businesses across 120 professions – from contractors to musicians and everything in between.

Thimble provides coverage in two simple ways:


Starts at $5 for an hour


Starts at $18 for a month

New Businesses

Side Hustles

Seasonal Businesses

Long-term projects

Established businesses

Businesses in high-demand

What does the insurance cover - and is it any good?

Thimble provides General Liability Insurance which covers some of the most common accidents and mistakes that a business can be held liable for. If you conduct work on a clients’ premises or while in the presence of any third-party, General Liability is a no-brainer.

Bodily Injury

Property Damage

Legal Defense

Medical Payments

All of Thimble’s policies are backed by Markel Insurance Company which provides A-Rated insurance according to AM Best.

Best Product Ever!

My work is sporadic and the ability to purchase a plan on an as needed basis is the best thing that has ever happened to my side job! Simple and quick, easy to access on my phone, Thimble is PERFECT!

Doran Santacroce Feb 12, 2020

What makes Thimble different?

Instant Peace-of-Mind
Phone calls and paper trails are now a thing of the past. With Thimble, everything is managed through their app or website and policies are delivered instantly along with your Certificate of Insurance.

The 12 Month Guarantee
With Thimble, every policy includes 12 months of liability coverage for any claim regarding work completed during the policy period. On-demand coverage for as low as $5 includes a full year of peace of mind for business owners who choose Thimble.

Full Control
Need to modify or cancel your policy? Thimble makes that easy too by giving you full control from both the website and the app. Changes are delivered to you instantly so you’re always ready for the next job.

How do I get a quote?

Thimble has re-imagined the entire insurance purchasing experience.

Simply download the Thimble App for your iPhone or Android device or click the link below to get a quote in just 60 seconds.

Business insurance when you need it.

Get the total flexibility of your policy in an instant. With Thimble in your pocket, you’ve got coverage up your sleeve.

4.8/5 stars