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You don’t have to be a hoofer to appreciate a skilled tap dancing show. But with all that toe-tapping, you never know when someone might get hurt, cause an injury to another, or break someone’s personal property.

Thimble’s Tap Dancing Show Insurance (a type of special event insurance) is designed to protect show organizers from consequences of financial loss because of third-party claims of injury or property damage. Knowing you’re covered should help you keep dancing the night away with confidence.

What kinds of claims does Tap Dancing Show Insurance cover?

Just as dancers need to keep time with the music, tap dancing show organizers need to plan for success behind the scenes. Tap Dancing Show Insurance provides protection against claims that your tap dancing show led to a loss during the set-up, breakdown, or production itself.

Why is this important? Your Tap Dancing Show Insurance will provide investigation services and a legal defense of claims, if necessary, which can be expensive to pay out-of-pocket.

Tap Dancing Show Insurance provides protection for the following types of claims that may be made by audience members, dancers (if they’re not employees) and venue owners:

  • Third-party, non-employee bodily injury: Someone might slip when they are learning to slurp. If an audience member gets hurt at your show, you could be liable for their medical expenses.
  • Third-party property damage:Proud parents vying for the prime position with their video cameras could lead to someone damaging their equipment and potentially trying to hold you responsible for the damage.
  • Personal and advertising injury: You may be accused of copyright infringement with the flyers that you use to market the show.

How much does Tap Dancing Show Insurance cost?

Tap Dancing Show Insurance costs vary depending on a few factors, but you can expect premiums to start at $150 to $350 for a one-day recital. Premiums are affected by the duration of the event, so if you need coverage for a day or two of set-up or breakdown, your price will go up.

Below is a chart that shows the variance of Tap Dancing Show Insurance for one day based on the number of attendees:

Tap Dancing Show insurance cost ranges

Who needs Tap Dancing Show Insurance?

If you’re the event organizer or sponsor, you will likely need Tap Dancing Show Insurance. Whether you are a business or planning the show as an individual, you’ll likely need to supply the venue where your show is held with a Certificate of Insurance (COI). The COI shows that you have the required amount of coverage – usually starting at a liability limit of $1 million per occurrence with a $1 million aggregate limit.

Imagine one of the dancers is showing off some moves from his solo routine in the lobby and accidentally knocks over one of the dance trophies the venue proudly displays. Those medical bills and the cost of repairing or replacing the broken trophy will add up fast, and you don’t want to be personally responsible for paying the costs.

Don’t miss a beat

Tap dancers wouldn’t imagine performing without the right pair of shoes. Likewise, you shouldn’t plan a tap dancing show without the right type of insurance.

Tap Dancing Show Insurance can protect you from financial loss resulting from potentially costly accidents. This allows you to focus on the choreography rather than paying for problems in the lobby.

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Tap Dancing Show Insurance FAQs

What if I only need Tap Dancing Show Insurance for one day?

You can get on-demand protection through Thimble for the duration of your event, whether that is for one hour, one day, or two weeks.

Do I need Tap Dancing Show Insurance if my venue has commercial liability insurance?

Yes. The venue’s commercial liability policy will likely not protect you from the cost of incidents that happen during your event. You’ll probably need your own event insurance for that. The venue will likely require you to provide a COI that shows you have general liability insurance that names them as an Additional Insured.

What are Thimble’s Tap Dancing Show Insurance event coverage policy limits?

Thimble’s special event liability limits start at a $1 million per occurrence limit with a $1 million aggregate limit. You can increase the liability limits to a $2 million per occurrence limit with a $2 million aggregate limit.

Does Tap Dancing Show Insurance via Thimble cover event cancellation?

No. Our policies do not cover event cancellation; that is, we cannot reimburse you for additional expenses of planning the event. However, your event insurance policy premium is fully refundable as long as it is canceled before the policy start date and time, up to the minute.

Does my special event coverage extend to the performers?

If your show’s professional dancers are named in a lawsuit, your event coverage may not protect them. They should look into getting event business insurance, which is general liability insurance for event and entertainment professionals.

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  • Bodily Injury
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  • Legal Defense
  • Medical Payments

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