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People attend lectures to peacefully take in what an expert speaker has to say on a topic. However, accidents can happen anywhere people gather, which you could be held responsible for as the event organizer.

Lecture Insurance is a type of event insurance that protects you from the financial consequences resulting from claims of injury or property damage that occur at your event. It lets you focus on the topic at hand rather than the “what if” scenarios that can lead to a fiscal loss.

What kinds of claims does Lecture Insurance cover?

Your Lecture Insurance will provide protection for a wide variety of claims. You’ll be glad to know that your Lecture Insurance won’t let people take advantage of you, as each policy will provide you with a legal defense and investigation of claims. The insurer provides the resources to confirm that claims are legitimate and not fraudulent.

Your Lecture Insurance provides coverage for the following types of claims:

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Third-party, non-employee bodily injury

An audience member trips over another audience member’s backpack when trying to get to her seat and gets hurt. You may be liable for her medical costs.

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Third-party property damage

An attendee places her tablet on the seat next to her, where another attendee sits on it. You could be held liable for the damages.

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Personal and advertising injury

A lecture protester sues you for slander because they believe you made false remarks about them.

Quick thinking insurance for small businesses.

Quick thinking insurance for small businesses.

Quick thinking insurance for small businesses.

Quick thinking insurance for small businesses.

Quick thinking insurance for small businesses.

Quick thinking insurance for small businesses.

Quick thinking insurance for small businesses.

Quick thinking insurance for small businesses.

How much does Lecture Insurance cost?

Thimble Lecture Insurance starts at just $115 for a one-day event. Your policy price will increase for longer events and will also be dependent on the number of people that attend. Premiums may also be more if you have known hazards at the lecture or need to purchase additional liquor liability coverage.

Here’s a chart that shows how much you can expect to pay for a one-day event without additional liquor liability coverage:

SizeNumber of AttendeesPremium Range
Small1 - 50$115 - $125
Medium200 - 300$188 - $203
Large750 - 1,000$266 - $301

Who needs Lecture Insurance?

While lectures themselves don’t pose a ton of risk, the polarized nature of many topics can lead to raucous events with people for and against the speaker’s views. Two attendees may get into a fistfight over opposing viewpoints that the lecturer covers leading to injuries. Or a student trying to get a selfie at the event might drop and damage his tablet when an usher asks him to sit down. In either case, you could be held liable.

If you are organizing the event, whether as an individual or an organization, you need to get Lecture Insurance to protect yourself from financial loss that could result from a liability claim being made against you.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a venue that won’t require Lecture Insurance. In fact, most will require a minimum limit of $1 million per occurrence with a $1 million aggregate limit with them named as an Additional Insured. You’ll provide the venue with a certificate of liability insurance that lists your insurance coverage.

Follow good advice

Lectures can provide you with lots of great insights on a variety of topics. Often, you get great advice and information to follow. You should also follow the excellent advice of having Lecture Insurance to protect you against the financial loss you may incur if someone gets hurt or some type of property gets damaged at your event.

Get Thimble’s Lecture Insurance today and get back to your podium.

Lecture Insurance FAQs

What if I only need Lecture Insurance for one day?

Thimble specializes in flexible coverage, allowing you to get insurance for one hour if that is all you need. Special event policies can be purchased for up to a week if you need coverage during your time for set-up and breakdown.

Do I need Lecture Insurance if my venue has commercial liability insurance?

Yes. While the venue has its own commercial liability policy, you are not a named insured on it. It would be best to protect your financial interests for liabilities by getting your own Lecture Insurance. Most venues require you to demonstrate proof of insurance with a Certificate of Insurance.

What are Thimble’s Lecture Insurance coverage policy limits?

Thimble Lecture Insurance starts with a liability limit of $1 million per occurrence with a $1 million aggregate limit. Those concerned with larger claims can increase coverage to a $2 million per occurrence limit with a $2 million aggregate limit.

Does Lecture Insurance via Thimble cover event cancellation?

No. Our policies do not cover event cancellation. But, as long as you cancel your policy before the policy start date/time, you can get a full refund of your policy premium.

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