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Aside from the party favors and drinks (and not necessarily in that order), event insurance coverage is one of the most essential aspects of any well-planned event. Whether you’re hosting a black-tie gala or a rehearsal dinner before the big day, events involve some pretty serious risks. Before the first guest ever arrives, be sure you have event insurance to protect you from the consequences of third-party claims of bodily injury or property damage.

What does event insurance cover?

  • Non-employee, third-party bodily injury: If you’re hosting a book signing at a venue and an over-eager fan knocks the book display case onto someone else, you may be held liable for their injuries. Event liability insurance can pay for their doctor’s visit and resulting expenses.
  • Third-party property damage: Say that at your wedding, your crazy uncle busts out the moonwalk a little too hard and scratches up the venue’s dance floor. You could be held liable for the damage. Fortunately, your policy covers third-party property damage and can pay for repairs.
  • Liquor liability: There’s always someone who gets too rowdy at the holiday office party’s open bar. Liquor liability coverage protects you from the financial consequences of an alcohol-related accident at your event. However, be aware that liquor liability only covers you if you’re not selling alcohol at your event, such as a BYOB party. If you own a business that sells or serves alcohol at the event, you can easily add retail liquor liability to your coverage.
  • Personal & advertising injury: Events and parties inspire people to celebrate, but the excitement can also turn sour. If someone says something at your event that can be construed as slander, then personal injury coverage can help you.

Finally, your insurance provides for the defense and investigation of claims and lawsuits brought against you, no matter how frivolous.

One important note: Event insurance does not cover event cancellation. Why? When you purchase insurance with Thimble, we give you the flexibility to cancel any time, right up to the minute before your event starts. Plus, event cancellation policies tend to be a lot more expensive, so you’re also saving money when you purchase event insurance coverage from Thimble.

How do you get event insurance coverage?

At Thimble, we make getting event insurance coverage as simple as possible. Click on “Get a Quote” or download our free app. We’ll ask you some pretty simple questions, and you can get coverage in only a few minutes. Just as you’ll soon be known for the legendary bash you’re about to throw, Thimble is kinda known for keeping insurance simple and putting you in control.

Coverage in case your event becomes eventful

Events are meant to be enjoyed. But if something goes wrong at the event you’re planning, it’s not going to be fun for anyone, least of all you. Whether you’re putting together a small birthday party, the wedding of the year, or something in between, event insurance should be a VIP at your event to protect you from the financial consequences of third-party bodily injury, property damage, and liquor liability.

And, as we mentioned, we promise to keep it simple for you. Click “Get a Quote,” download our app, or give us a call if that’s your preference. We’ll ask you a few questions, you’ll give us some quick answers, and then you can get back to work on your guest list lickety-split.