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Whether you’re running a corporate black-tie gala or throwing a launch party for your brand’s newest product, hosting events comes with liability risks. Consider getting event insurance to protect you financially if the event encounters difficulties. It’s more affordable than you think: Read on to learn about how much event insurance costs and how it can protect you in the event of a claim. Now, let’s walk down the red carpet.

How much does event insurance cost?

Whether you’re a savvy event planner or have volunteered to organize a large get-together, budget considerations are probably top of mind for you. We’re happy to report that the liability insurance cost for an event is pretty darn affordable.

On average, for a one-day event insurance policy from Thimble, here’s what you can expect to pay for your event liability insurance premium:

Event SizePremium
1-50 people$115 to $160
200-300 people$188 to $280
500-1000 people$230 to $340

What factors influence event insurance cost?

Many factors contribute to a memorable event, like great food, good music, and maybe even that toast that went viral for reasons you’d prefer not to discuss right now. Similarly, several factors will impact your event liability insurance cost, including:

Event type

The kind of event you’re planning impacts your event insurance cost. The riskier the event, the higher the cost. No surprise there.

The event location

Where you host the event can affect the cost. This includes the city and state of the event as well as the physical venue, like a reception hall or hotel conference center.

How many people will be there

The number of guests you invite will influence your insurance cost. Thimble will usually cover events with up to 1,000 people for most event types, but there are some limitations. For example, some sporting events are capped at 250.

How long you need coverage

We’ll generally cover you for events that last up to five days, like a multi-day festival or a wedding that includes great-aunts and cousins from abroad.

Whether or not you are in the business of selling alcohol

Hosting an event that’s BYOB? Liquor liability insurance is included in the cost of your policy. But if you’re in the business of selling alcohol, you’ll need to pay for additional liquor liability coverage.

What does event insurance cover?

Planning a big event takes lots of coordination, between booking entertainment, managing RSVPs, and choosing the perfect table settings. When you have event liability insurance, it’s one less thing to worry about the day of.

Here’s what’s on the schedule with event liability insurance:

Bodily injury and medical expenses: Imagine you’re hosting a stand-up comedy show and an audience member trips over an unsecured microphone cord. Your event insurance may cover the audience member’s medical costs.

Property damage liability: Property damage liability insurance can help pay for accidental property damage incurred to or by a third party, such as a guest at your event. For example, if a guest’s designer purse ends up in the punch bowl (long story, but we’ve seen it), event insurance may cover the cost of the damage.

Personal and advertising injuries: Imagine you’re hosting a sporting event for a local league and you hang a banner that says something not-so-nice about a rival team. We live in a litigious world, and you could get sued for slander. In this case, your event liability insurance may cover your legal defense in a personal or advertising injury lawsuit.

Damage to rented premises: Covers you for property damage to a facility rented or temporarily occupied by you with the permission of the owner. If a guest knocks over a torch and sets the tablecloth ablaze, the resulting property damage may be covered.

Liquor liability coverage: Liquor liability coverage is included in your event insurance cost If you have an open bar at your event or if it’s BYOB. It covers your legal fees and damages related to alcohol consumption at an event. For example, if a guest overindulges at a festival and knocks over expensive lighting equipment, your policy may cover the financial consequences. If alcohol is being sold at your event, however, it is important to note that you will need to add retail liquor liability to your coverage.

Party the night away (safely) with Thimble event insurance

Before you queue the music and start greeting your guests, make sure you cover your liability risks in case your big event becomes, well, eventful. Event insurance covers liability and property damage to guests or even the venue. It also includes liquor liability and, should you end up getting sued, it will also provide for your legal defense.

So, whether you’re organizing a book club meeting, an office party, or a wedding with 500 of your closest friends and family members, you can confidently say “I do” to Thimble Event Insurance.

And we make it easy for you to do so. No hidden fees, no hard feelings, fewer questions, and more options. To get a quote in minutes, give us a call or simply click “Get a Quote.” You’ll be back to crafting the perfect playlist in no time at all.

Event insurance FAQs

What’s the difference between Event Planner Insurance and event insurance?

While event insurance covers property damage and bodily injury to others (such as guests), Event Planner Insurance protects the event service provider from financial loss. As an event planner, you will need both Event Planner Insurance and Event Insurance for the big day.

What types of gatherings does event insurance cover?

Thimble Event Insurance covers a wide variety of events, including birthday parties, weddings, festivals, sporting events, conferences, art shows, banquets, proms/dances, and tradeshows. Click “Get a Quote” today to see if you’re eligible.

How much does event insurance cost for a wedding?

Like any other event, event insurance cost for a wedding will depend on factors such as the location of the event, the number of guests who will be attending, and whether you’re selling alcohol. Give us a call or click “get a quote,” and we’ll ask a few simple questions to give you a customized quote.

Do I need event insurance if I’m a vendor or performer at an event?

Event insurance won’t cover hired performers or vendors like caterers, florists, or sound technicians. Vendors and entertainers must get their own general liability insurance and should list the event organizers as Additional Insureds.

How do I get coverage for the equipment I bring to events?

If you need to bring special equipment to your event, you should look into business equipment protection, which covers your equipment from loss and theft.

Does event insurance cover canceled events?

Event insurance doesn’t cover canceled events. If you need to cancel your event, your insurance policy won’t reimburse you for entertainer deposits, venue rental costs, or vendor payments.