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Let the kids whack the piñata all they want as long as you have Birthday Party Insurance. This is special event insurance that can protect you from the financial consequences resulting from liability claims made against you as the event host, planner, or organizer.

Birthday parties are fun and games until someone puts a hole in the bouncy house or adults have a few drinks and start acting like unruly kids. Don’t get the party started until you have the right insurance in place; read on to learn more.

What kinds of claims does Birthday Party Insurance cover?

Birthday Party Insurance claims typically arise from accidents that cause property damage, injury, or illness to third parties who may be guests, vendors, or the venue owners. Furthermore, Birthday Party Insurance provides you with a legal defense and investigation of claims, if necessary.

Birthday Party Insurance may provide coverage for the following types of claims:

  • Third-party, non-employee bodily injury: A candle’s flame from the birthday cake lights someone’s hair on fire when they lean over to get a closer look. You could be held liable for the damages resulting from the bodily injury.
  • Third-party property damage: A child uses a permanent marker on the walls of the venue. You could be held liable for the property damage.
  • Personal and advertising injury: You never know when someone will accuse you of libel or slander. After all, people can get testy over their reputation.
  • Damages or injury from liquor liability: If you are hosting a birthday party for adults and plan to serve alcohol or allow its consumption, you can be held liable for any damages caused by an intoxicated party-goer. However, if you are in the business of selling, servicing or furnishing alcohol, you may need to purchase additional liquor liability coverage.

How much does Birthday Party Insurance cost?

Save your money for gifts. You can get a Birthday Party Insurance policy for as little as $115 for a small, one-day event. Your premium increases depending on whether you need coverage for longer or are having a larger event.

Premiums will also rise if you are planning a more hazardous activity or if you need additional liquor liability coverage. Here is a range of costs:

Birthday Party Insurance Cost Chart

Who needs Birthday Party Insurance?

If your event is filled with just your immediate family, you may think you don’t need insurance because your close family isn’t likely to sue. With that being said, people can be unpredictable if they experience an expensive injury or property damage that leads to financial loss. If you are planning or hosting a birthday party, you need Birthday Party Insurance.

If the party is at a venue such as a play gym or banquet hall, you’ll most likely need to provide the venue owners with a special event insurance that shows you have at least a $1 million per occurrence limit with a $1 million aggregate limit. Venues usually want to be named as an Additional Insured to mitigate their liability if they’re named in a claim stemming from your event.

Thimble’s Birthday Insurance makes it easy to protect your birthday money for what you really want. Get a quote today.

What if I only need Birthday Insurance for 1 day?

Thimble provides special event insurance for as short of a timespan as one hour and up to five days. This means you can get coverage for the day that includes set-up and breakdown, when many risks are present, or for longer events.

Do I need Birthday insurance if my venue has commercial liability insurance?

Even if the venue has commercial liability insurance, you will likely need Birthday Party Insurance. Many venues will actually ask you to show proof of insurance via a COI; it is also good practice to protect your financial interests with event insurance.

Do I need Birthday Party Insurance if my event is held at a private home?

You still need insurance if your event is held at a private home. You should check the homeowners insurance policy to see if your homeowners insurance will sufficiently cover the birthday party. If it doesn’t, then Thimble’s Birthday Party Insurance has you covered.

What are Thimble’s Birthday Party Insurance coverage policy limits?

The special event policy limits start at a $1 million per occurrence limit with a $1 million aggregate limit. Party hosts can increase coverage to a $2 million per occurrence limit with a $2 million aggregate limit if they desire.

Does Birthday Party Insurance via Thimble cover event cancellation?

No. Thimble does not cover event cancellation with its special event insurance policies. However, you can cancel your policy at any time, for any reason, before the policy start date/time.

I’m an event planner, do I need Birthday Party Insurance?

Event planners can be held liable for accidents that occur at any event that they plan and should have Event Planner Insurance to cover them from the typical risks that they face every day in doing their jobs as well as marketing their services. On top of Event Planner Insurance, you should also have Birthday Party Insurance to cover the risks specific to the event being held at the venue.

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