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Don’t let your blessed day be marred by a claim that your event was responsible for causing injury or property damage. The reality is that things can, and do, go wrong when you have any event—including a baptism.

Baptism Insurance is your guard against the financial consequences resulting from accidents that can occur during the event, for example someone slipping and falling, or a distant auntie’s personal property being damaged.

What is Baptism Insurance?

Baptism Insurance falls under the category of special event insurance , which protects the organizer or host against financial losses resulting from claims of bodily injury, property damage, or personal and advertising injury.

Basically, it protects you so that the big day isn’t overshadowed by the financial burden resulting from an accident. These can include claims for injury and property damage to third parties (i.e., guests, vendors, or the venue) that occur during set-up, the baptism, or the cleanup. It also includes coverage for damages due to liquor liability.

What does Baptism Insurance cover?

Most baptisms are attended by close family and friends that you trust. You don’t expect wild antics to happen, but you can’t anticipate every risk.

When you have a claim under your Baptism Insurance policy, you are furnished with investigation services for claim and a legal defense when a suit arises. With this in mind, you can be assured that you won’t have to pay out-of-pocket to defend yourself for claims made under your policy, even if a claim is fraudulent or exaggerated.

Your Baptism Insurance offers coverage from claims like these:

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Third-party, non-employee bodily injury

Family and friends are gathering closely around the baptismal font when someone trips and falls face-forward. You could be held liable for their injuries and have to pay their medical bills.

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Third-party property damage

Baptisms often occur in rivers and other outdoor bodies of water. Someone who is taking photos can easily drop their belongings in the water and ruin them. It could be your responsibility to pay for the repair or replacement of property damaged while the event is going on.

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Damages or injury from liquor liability

If alcohol is allowed at the baptism or at the following celebration and someone who is drinking gets hurt or causes damage, you could be liable because you allowed or provided the drinks.

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Personal and advertising injury

Provides coverage for offenses like libel and slander arising out of activities performed during the baptism.

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Quick thinking insurance for small businesses.

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Quick thinking insurance for small businesses.

Quick thinking insurance for small businesses.

How much does Baptism Insurance cost?

Kids are expensive, but your Baptism Insurance doesn’t need to be. For as little as $149 for the event, you could have coverage that protects your pocketbook. The final cost will depend on how big the event is, how long it is, what hazards are involved, and whether you need additional liquor liability coverage.

Here’s a range of Thimble’s Baptism Insurance costs for one day:

SizeNumber of AttendeesPremium Range
Small1 - 50$149 - $159
Medium200 - 300$228 - $243
Large500 - 1,000$272 - $342

Who needs Baptism Insurance?

It doesn’t matter if you are the parents, grandparents, or godparents—if you are planning a baptism (and any celebrations after), you should obtain Baptism Insurance. There’s too much that can go wrong, and you don’t want a financial burden to take away from the blessings of the day.

Imagine a riverside baptism where a great-aunt falls down the embankment and gets hurt. In a case like this, no one is being irresponsible, but you can be held liable for the accident. The same can be said for common slip-and-fall accidents in a church or at the reception.

For those hosting the event at a venue such as a church or reception hall, general liability insurance is likely a requirement. Most venues will want to see at least a $1 million limit in general liability coverage before they will finalize the reservation. Not only will they want to see the insurance via a Certificate of Insurance (COI), they will likely demand to be named as an Additional Insured on the policy for the event so that your coverage extends to them.

The Thimble app makes getting insurance and providing a COI simple. Within minutes, you can have a policy. Getting the COI is as easy as a few clicks and can be sent to any requesting party including the venue. Start by getting a quote today.

Baptism Insurance FAQs

What if I only need insurance for one day?

Thimble provides flexible coverage to make sure you get what you need for the time that you need it. Baptism Insurance can be purchased for as short of a period as an hour or up to five days. This gives you plenty of time so that the setup and breakdown of the event can also be covered.

Do I need Baptism Insurance if my venue has commercial liability insurance?

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that just because the venue has commercial liability insurance, you don’t need your own policy. The truth is, many venues will require you to provide a COI with the venue named as an Additional Insured to be certain they are protected against the liabilities of your event.

Do I need Baptism Insurance if my event is held at a private home?

If you’re having the event in a private home, double-check the homeowners insurance policy for coverage. If you aren’t covered via your homeowners insurance, make sure you get a Baptism Insurance policy.

What are Thimble’s Baptism Insurance policy limits?

With every Thimble special event insurance policy, you will get at least a $1 million per occurrence limit with a $1 million aggregate limit. You can increase this to a $2 million per occurrence limit with a $2 million aggregate limit if you want higher coverage limits.

Does special event insurance via Thimble cover event cancellation?

No. Thimble’s special event insurance does not cover event cancellation. You can cancel anytime before the policy start time and receive a full refund of your policy premium.

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