The free COI tracker for event and performance venues.

Join Thimble’s Certificate Manager and get the right insurance, from the right people, the first time.

100% of events, 100% compliant,
100% free.

The Thimble Certificate Manager tracks (and sells) all your insurance needs for every event in one online dashboard.


Meet the Only FREE Insurance Compliance Manager

Organize events in one click.

It’s the risk manager’s risk manager. But why is it so valuable to your business?

Hire anyone and get their insurance with one click.

You’ve got a revolving door of events on your property. An easy platform to collect compliant insurance will streamline your whole process.

Even those one-day vendors can get insured.

Policies from Thimble, sold directly through the Thimble Certificate Manager, are perfectly tailored to the needs of your contractors! Covered pros can get insurance for an hour, day, week, or full time in 60 seconds.

Protect your business against risk.

From galas and conventions to block parties and craft fairs, every event involves large groups of people and the risk of bodily injury or property damage. Don’t let financial responsibility get transferred to you

Delete that clunky spreadsheet.

Build digital checklists of your requirements.

Provide the coverages you require, and any specific requirements around limits, endorsements, even the copy on your Additional Insured Certificate.

Contractors upload a policy (or buy one, from Thimble!)

140+ contractors like handymen, photographers, and event vendors can get a policy from Thimble by the hour, day, or month with your requirements pre-filled.

If they match, they get to work.

The dashboard shows you all your contractors and their compliance status, including when their policies expire.

Never miss an expiration again.

Automated Communications

Hassle-proof automated emails and reminders to contractors

Easy COI Reader

Key information extracted from COIs, side by side with your requirements

Auto-Approved Policies

Policies for contractors sold directly by Thimble, guaranteed to meet your minimums

Policy Status Dashboard

A bird’s eye view of who’s working where, with expiration notifications

What’s the catch?

There is no catch.

The Thimble Certificate Manager is free because we don’t sell compliance—we sell insurance. Thimble is small business insurance for over 140+ professions. Event vendors like DJs, photographers, wedding planners, and caterers can get a flexible policy in 60 seconds and get to work for you faster.

More compliance (less complaints).

Ready to get the right insurance, from the right people, the first time? (For free?) (Forever?)