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Customer Name:
Alex Gasaway

Videographer and Creator

Los Angeles, California

Policies to Date:
4 and counting!

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Thimble: How would you describe your work?

Alex Gasaway: I’ve been running my own business as a full-time videographer since 2014, and I’m also in the middle of developing a software platform. In addition to the client videography work I’m doing, a year ago, I started taking Youtube a bit more seriously and using it as an outlet for creative ideas that I can’t easily translate into paid gigs.

T: What inspired you to branch out from videography into your software venture?

AG: The software I’m building is basically an influencer marketing platform with a very specific niche. I would describe it as a for nonprofits, brands, and creators to collaborate for a cause and tell powerful stories in the process.

This idea has been in development for almost three years. It came to me while I was in grad school, focusing on videography and attempting to work with companies in the nonprofit space. I realized that there was a significant financial barrier preventing nonprofits from investing in branding efforts. At the same time, these organizations have messages that resonate with millennial consumers, who increasingly shop based on their values. The platform I’m building provides the infrastructure for caused-based marketing and storytelling to exist and to help companies better tell their stories.

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T: How are you balancing your videography work with this entrepreneurial venture?

AG: I ask myself that every day! It’s tough to balance the projects that pay the bills with this enterprise I’m building. Balance is nearly impossible at this point, so it’s just about asking myself day to day what the highest priority is and going in that direction. I’ve developed a very specific nighttime routine that includes prioritizing tasks for the next day so that when I wake up, I know exactly what I need to do.

T: How and when did you discover Thimble? What inspired you to create the awesome video you posted on your Youtube channel about us?

AG: I’m doing a pretty ambitious shoot for a Star Wars Day video, and I’ve never gotten other people involved with a shoot before that involves props—in this case, plastic light sabers—where people could potentially get hurt.

Some Youtubers have insurance, but those are usually the people like me who have done video production in other capacities. For the most part, I think they’re unaware that that’s good practice, especially for those who are doing one-off shoots that last a few hours. By contrast, I was very concerned about insurance coverage and making sure I wasn’t liable for any accidents during the shoot. I wanted a really simple, straightforward solution for that coverage.

I downloaded the Thimble app about two weeks before the shoot and knew it would meet my needs. Then I actually forgot about it until we were driving over to the shoot, and I was like “oh crap, I meant to get that!” The fact that I could just go through the process of purchasing coverage in the car during the five-minute drive over to the shoot and get coverage for the hours I needed made it that much more valuable.

insurance coverage

T: Aside from the ease of getting insured in real time when you need it, are there any other features of the app that you particularly like?

AG: Everything from the benefits of coverage to what is and isn’t included under a General Liability policy is explained in a straightforward way. I also love the interface: you can easily find your category of work and choose between a policy limit of $1 million or $2 million in a single click. Normally, my insurance would just be for myself, but being able to add crew members is amazing. I had 12 people on set for this last shoot, and it was so simple to add them to my policy. Lastly, the fact that I can download my Certificate of Insurance and access it straight from my phone is key. The ease of use can’t be beat!