road with start to show best places to start a business

Best states to start a business

As you look to start a small business, three of the main things you’re going to worry about are location, location, and location. And for good reason: the specific place and time in which you start up a small business, freelance operation, or independent contractor career can have a huge impact on the longevity and success of your venture.

taking real estate photographs

How to become a real estate photographer

Invest in the right equipment​ Become a master editor Build your portfolio​ Insure your photography business​ Get a Quote Are you a professional or amateur photographer looking for a lucrative

camera for photography laws

Photography laws 101

Privacy and public photography laws​ Commercial vs. noncommercial use of photographs​ Photo release forms Drone photography Insuring your photography business Get a Quote As a photographer, you help people capture

becoming a carpenters apprentice

How to become a carpenter apprentice

What’s the purpose of a carpenter apprenticeship? Do apprentices get paid? What does it take to become a carpenter apprentice? How to apply for a carpentry apprenticeship Completing your carpentry

carpenter doing calculations

How much do carpenters make?

How much do carpenters make? How much do self-employed carpenters make? Carpenters’ average salary Factors that impact what carpenters make​ Factors that impact independent carpenters’ earnings​ Protect your business Get

contracto and subcontractors

Subcontractor vs. contractor

Subcontractor vs. contractor: What’s the difference? Who’s who on a jobsite? Contractor General contractor vs. subcontractor​ Subcontractor vs. independent contractor What every contractor needs Building your business Get a Quote

landscaper with his license

Landscaping license requirements

Types of landscaping regulations Landscape contractor licenses Pesticides applicator license​ Protect your business​ Small business insurance for landscapers Get a Quote As a landscaper, your everyday work entails beautifying outdoor

DJ & Public Performance license

What is a DJ license, and do you need one?

Music copyright laws​ Public performance license​ Liability insurance for DJs Small business insurance for DJs Get a Quote As a DJ, you provide the soundtrack for days and nights to