Insurance 101

closed business sign to show business interruption insurance

Business interruption insurance 101

What is business interruption insurance? Business interruption insurance covers interruption to your business’ services, like a natural disaster. Learn more!

tort liability

Tort liability 101

What is tort liability? Tort liability protects you & your business from expensive tort claims. Learn how tort liability can protect your business!

product liability

Product liability

What is product liability? Product liabilty protects a business when a third party is harmed by a faulty product. Learn more about product liability!

fence to show property damage

Property damage liability

What is property damage liability? Property damage liability helps pay for damage or harm to physical property. Learn more about property damage liability!

man signing a liability waiver

Liability waiver forms explained

As a small business owner liability waiver forms are critical to protecting you and your business. Learn more in our guide to liability waiver forms.

libel and slander

Libel Definition

Saying the wrong thing on behalf of clients could result in a lawsuit if you’re accused of libel. But what does libel mean? We break it down. Learn more.

business owner reviewing types of liability insurance

Types of liability insurance

Types of liability insurance General liability Professional liability Employer liability Get covered Get a Quote As a small business owner, you inevitably face some level of risk on any given

business owner reviewing insurance policy exclusions

Insurance exclusions

We breakdown everything you need to know about insurance exclusion including why insurers tend to omit them from a policy. Learn more.