Insurance 101

container ship for ocean marine insurance

Ocean marine insurance 101

What is an ocean marine insurance policy? What can ocean marine insurance cover? Ocean marine vs. inland marine insurance​ Doesn’t my insurance already cover that? Recap Get a Quote As

cybersecurity and ransomware insurance

Ransomware insurance 101

Also known as cyber extortion coverage, ransomware insurance can be a valuable add-on to a cyber liability policy to protect your business. Learn more.

slander vs libel

Slander vs. libel

We breakdown the difference between slander, libel, and defamation to help protect your business. Learn more in our Insurance 101.

calendar to show grace period

Insurance grace period 101

We breakdown grace periods in insurance and why having on or not having one matters for your business insurance policy. Learn more.

buying a coffee showing -

Vicarious liability explained

What is vicarious liability? Vicarious liability protects you & your business from risk created by others. Learn more about vicarious liability!

umbrella insurance

Umbrella liability insurance explained

Umbrella liability insurance 101 Umbrella liability insurance benefits What’s covered What’s not covered Who needs an umbrella insurance policy? Choose your limit Protect your business Get a Quote For small

small business team working

Fidelity bond insurance 101

What is fidelity bond insurance? Known as an employee dishonesty bond, fidelity bonds protect a business when an employee commits a crime. Learn more.

surety bond

Surety bond insurance 101

What is a surety bond? Discover the different types of surety bonds and what you need to know for your business insurance. Learn more.