Insurance 101

hosting a party needs social host liability insurance

Social host liability 101

Hosting events is a great way to bring people together, but things can go wrong. We explain what social host liability is and why you need it. Learn more.

handshake to show commercial package policy

Commercial package policy

A commercial package policy is a bundle of insurance coverages tailored to the needs of a business owner. Learn more about what’s included and why.

handscape agreement for completed coverage

Completed operations coverage

Even after a job is finished someone can file a claim against you. Completed operations coverage protects you from just that. Learn more.

protecting your business_fudiciary bond

Fiduciary bonds explained

A fiduciary bond acts like insurance but there’s a few things you need to know. We break down fiduciary bonds and how they work. Learn more.

reviewing a loss runs report

Loss runs request 101

Loss runs are reports about your past insurance coverage and your claims history. Learn more about loss runs reports.

insurance arbitration

Insurance arbitration 101

Insurance arbitration, explained Arbitration: binding vs. non-binding Arbitration example Arbitration benefits ​ Mandatory vs. voluntary arbitration Simplifying business insurance Get a Quote Sometimes, two parties want to settle a claim