Insurance 101

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Grace period 101 Insurance binder 101 Grace period length State regulations  What happens when you miss a payment? Thimble & grace periods Get a Quote To understand what an insurance grace period is, imagine owning a small restaurant. One aspect of your job means preparing for the unexpected. Grease fires, kitchen accidents, and slips will

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Bodily injury defined Bodily injury liability defined Bodily injury limits What is covered Protect your business Get a Quote Human beings are prone to accidents, injuries, bumps, and bruises. Even when we’re trying to be cautious, we still manage to hurt ourselves or others. To some degree, we’ve all experienced this phenomenon. Accidents happen. Because

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Vicarious defined Vicarious liability meaning Employee-employer relationship Circumstances Protect your business Get a Quote It should be no surprise to you that you can be sued due to your own actions. But did you know that you or your small business can also be held financially and legally responsible for the actions taken by someone

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Umbrella liability insurance 101 Umbrella liability insurance benefits What’s covered What’s not covered Who needs an umbrella insurance policy? Choose your limit Protect your business Get a Quote For small business owners, liability coverage policies are the defense that stands between your business and the various risks it faces on an everyday basis. Should disaster

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Fidelity bond insurance defined Crime & fidelity insurance Types of fidelity bonds Fidelity bond insurance Protect your business Get a Quote While every small business owner would love to put their full faith and trust in their employees, sometimes you have to be realistic. Human nature can be fickle. People make mistakes. Accidents happen. And

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Surety bond defined Surety bond & insurance similarities Surety bond & insurance differences Types of surety bonds Protect your business Get a Quote ‘Surety bonds’ and ‘surety insurance’ are sometimes used interchangeably, especially when it comes to bonding. This, however, is a common misconception. The principles that underlie both surety bonds and insurance are similar,

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Policy period 101 Exposure period 101 Retroactive date 101 Continuous coverage benefits Get a Quote In the course of running a small business, you might find yourself liable for a claim of bodily injury, property damage, or professional negligence. And sometimes, this claim will be filed well after the time in which the incident occurred.

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Equipment breakdown coverage 101 Equipment breakdown definition What is covered Type of equipment covered Is it the same as boiler and machinery? Protect your business Get a Quote Your small business relies on the tools of the trade to operate efficiently. In some form or another, nearly every business relies on hardware. When this vital

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Business interruption insurance defined What’s covered What’s not covered Terminology Protect your business Get a Quote No one wants to consider the possibility of their business temporarily closing its doors. However, disasters like floods and fires can force you to close your physical space. The COVID-19 pandemic, for example, has led businesses throughout the world

tort liability

Tort liability explained Categories of tort Tort liability insurance Protect your business Get a Quote Did you know that even if your business doesn’t commit a crime, it can still be sued for wrongdoings? These civil suits over wrongful actions or omissions are legally referred to as torts. And due to vicarious liability, your business

Coronavirus and your business

We know your small business has likely been impacted, so we've put together some resources that we think may be useful.