Insurance 101

Does business insurance cover my office rental?

Does business insurance COVER MY OFFICE RENTAL What’s included in commercial property insurance for a renter? General liability insurance and your office rental Workers’ compensation insurance and your office rental

Nonprofit general liability insurance

What is nonprofit general liability insurance? Do nonprofits need general liability insurance? Other types of insurance to consider Protect your nonprofit Get a Quote A big part of managing a

What are general liability class codes?

General liability class codes Also known as “GL class codes” for short, general liability class codes are numbers that represent a group of small businesses who perform similar work and

What is comprehensive general liability insurance?

Comprehensive general liability insurance Comprehensive general liability insurance is the older term for commercial general liability insurance, or simply, general liability insurance. Comprehensive general liability insurance vs. general liability insurance​

Property preservation insurance

Property Preservation Insurance Property preservation insurance Property preservation insurance is simply a term used for any type of policy a property preservationist obtains. What is property preservation insurance? General liability