Insurance 101

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Cost of general liability insurance for contractors

General liability insurance cost for contractors Average premium & other costs​ Other factors that impact your insurance cost​ Multiple coverages & additional costs​ Simplifying contractor insurance​ Get a Quote As

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Types of construction insurance

Types of construction insurance General liability insurance Workers’ comp Commercial auto insurance Surety bonds Commercial property insurance Protect your small business Get a Quote Construction is an inherently risky business.


Does a handyman need a license?

State and local regulations How to get a handyman license General liability insurance for a handyman Get a Quote As a handyman, you’re a human skeleton key, skilled at accomplishing

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How to start an event planning business

Know what you’re getting into Find your niche​ Build a business plan Create a website Get insurance Start marketing yourself Get a Quote Event planners play a crucial role in

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Premise liability insurance 101

Also known as “slip and fall insurance” premise liability involves personal injury on your property. But an injury doesn’t mean you’re liable. We explain the nuances in this guide. We explain the nuances in this guide.

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Contractors equipment insurance

What is contractors equipment insurance? Inland marine insurance Do you need contractors equipment insurance? Other insurance you need as a contractor Simplify your contractor insurance Get a Quote As a

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Aggregate limit of liability 101

Aggregate limit of liability is one of the most important limits placed on coverage but what is it? We break it down to help you find the best insurance policy for your business.

dram shop liability

Dram shop liability 101

If you sell or serve alcohol, you run a dram shop. Use this guide to understand dram shop laws and liquor liability so you can focus on growing your business.