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List of all included activities We are adding more activities all the time, but we will only be able to arrange coverage if your activity is in a category below. Eligible Operations AV Installation Actors Aerobics Instructor Alarm Systems Installation & Repair Appliance Installation Barber Business Consultant Canoe & Kayak Guides Car / Boat /

Thimble’s CustomerReferral Program Money doesn’t grow on trees–gift cards might. Help us branch out. Basically, the laws that allow Thimble to provide you game-changing business insurance also prevent us from incentivizing new customers with rewards. So, we devised a referral program that still lets you, our existing loyal users, tell your network about us and

Thimble makes insurance more flexible than ever with two ways to buy. 1. Thimble Monthly is ongoing coverage on a monthly payment plan. The first month’s premium is the most expensive, but then your price goes down over time. This is due to factors like differences in risk exposure, the way that our program is

We care about your feedback. We’re offering a $100 Amazon gift card to users who share their experience getting insured via Thimble. Share your email below and we’ll reach out with next steps. Thank you for helping us make Thimble better!

How do I modify my policy? You can edit your name, business name, business address, and Additional Insureds for active and pre-booked policies. Editing Your Name, Business Name, and Business Address Select the policy you would like to modify. All editable fields will be highlighted in green; simply click the desired field to edit. Editing

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What is Thimble’s drone liability policy? Drone liability policies can only be purchased through the Verifly drone app. The drone policy arranged by Verifly covers up to $10MM of your legal liability for injury to people and property damage caused by any drone weighing under 35 lbs. It covers drones flown under 400’ for a

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Why do we need your ZIP code? We ask for your ZIP code so that we can calculate your premium. Premiums vary from state to state and even from county to county, so we need to know where your business is located in order to give you an accurate quote. Your ZIP code will automatically

Where do I find my Member ID? If you are a HomeAdvisor member, you may be eligible for a discount on your policy. Enter your member ID in the “Marketplace Membership” section of your profile. Related Questions I run a work marketplace which is not listed, how do I get a card set up? I

Coronavirus and your business

We know your small business has likely been impacted, so we've put together some resources that we think may be useful.