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The Top 5 Personal Training Apps, Recommended by the Pros

January 5, 2022

Looking to cut some of the busy work out of running your personal training business? Here are 5 personal trainer apps worth your consideration.

Running a personal training business is work. Beyond your in-person training sessions, you have to communicate with clients, create personalized training programs, keep track of your schedule, manage paperwork and invoices, and still have time to market yourself. Luckily, the best apps for personal trainers can take the weight(s) off your shoulders.

We polled our personal trainers to get the inside scoop on which apps and software are the absolute best. Let’s HIIT it on their top 5 picks.

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PT Distinction

All of the apps on this list are six-packed with useful features, but PT Distinction takes the gold medal. Not only does it allow you to interact with and personalize programs for individual clients, but it also gives you the option to design group programs. If you’re a trainer looking to scale up your business by offering signature group classes, PT Distinction might be the best app on the market.

It also has a community aspect, letting you chat with other trainers to share advice, tips and techniques. It goes beyond the standard client messaging system used by most apps and over-delivers with a live chat feature. It’s no wonder PT Distinction is considered the industry standard by so many.


  • Helpful support team
  • Easy-to-use workout builder
  • Perfect for individual and group programs
  • Tracking and organization are top-notch


  • The amount of options and features can be overwhelming to beginners
  • Food diary isn’t always accurate
  • Android app lacks some features of the iOS app

Price: $19.90 per month (3 clients), $60 per month (25 clients), $80 per month (50 clients)

App store rating: 3.3

Practice Better

Practice Better is a management platform for personal trainers and other wellness professionals. It’s designed to give you everything you need to run your personal training business in one place — from managing health records and meal plans to scheduling appointments and creating invoices.

Its features also include the option to create courses, complete with tasks and worksheets to keep your clients on track toward their goals. The mobile app is useful for both practitioners and clients, allowing clients to track and log their progress. The free intro pricing tier makes this a perfect try-it app for trainers just starting.


  • Easy-to-use messaging, scheduling, and communication functions
  • Multiple payment options for clients, including custom coupon codes
  • Useful electronic record storage
  • Supports video calls for virtual sessions


  • Journal entries can be time-consuming and frustrating
  • Food tracking is more complicated than it should be
  • User interface feels outdated and could use an update

Price: Free (up to 3 clients), premium plans range from $19 – $135 per month

App store rating: 3.6


TrueCoach is designed to save you time on administrative tasks so you can focus more of your attention on the training aspect of your work. Over 20,000 personal trainers use it, so it’s saved a lot of hours!

Furthermore, TrueCoach features a workout builder that allows you to create curated programs for each client. You can create your own exercise videos or choose from thousands of pre-made videos in TrueCoach’s library. Clients enter their workout data and the app automatically sorts and stores their information so you can make the best decisions for every client. Best of all, the software comes with a 14-day free trial.


  • Great for staying connected with your clients
  • Many customization options
  • Eases the day-to-day admin tasks of personal training


  • Mobile app doesn’t have all the functionality of the desktop version
  • Could use more nutrition information and features
  • Users report bugs on both trainer and client apps

Price: $25 per month (up to 5 clients), $55 per month (up to 20 clients), $110 per month (up to 50 clients)

App store rating: 2.9

The Training Notebook

The Training Notebook is all about helping you stay organized while you juggle multiple clients. It features unlimited color-coded training programs, physical readiness questionnaires, body assessments, and interval timers. Connected trainer and client apps let you effortlessly communicate with your clients, track their progress, and keep them motivated.


  • Supports multiple languages
  • Includes assessment calculators for BMI, body fat percentage, and circumference measurements
  • Allows you to save any training program you create as a template for easy future use


  • App can be glitchy and occasionally crash
  • Many users reported issues with technical support
  • Users must have an internet connection to access client information

Price: $11 per month (10 clients), $20 per month (20 clients), $30 per month (unlimited clients)

App store rating: 3.8


If your biggest hurdle in the personal training business is client management, then PTminder just might end up being your favorite app. While it features workout planners and nutrition trackers (like most other training apps), taking the busy work out of managing your growing client base is where the app really shines.

PTminder features an intuitive dashboard with quick access to your calendar, clients, financial information, and reports. For more experienced personal trainers with lots of clients, this app can help you manage your workflow and stay ahead of a busy schedule.


  • Very easy to use
  • Great if you have a staff with multiple trainers
  • Sleek direct messaging


  • Some of the desktop features are missing from the mobile app
  • No customized individual training package option
  • Lacks templates for forms

Price: $36 per month (50 clients), $47 per month (100 clients), $63 per month (150 clients), $79 per month (200 clients), $110 per month (unlimited clients)

App store rating: 4.1

Personal trainer insurance

Personal trainers are all about making their clients stronger, healthier, and happier. A key part of guided training is safety. But even the safest exercises can result in injuries — and even one claim from a client can cost you thousands of dollars. While you do your absolute best to keep your clients safe, you can also safeguard your business with personal trainer insurance.

Download the Thimble app, answer a few quick questions, and get insured in less time than it takes you to do a burpee.

Is your favorite personal training app on this list? Did we overlook something completely awesome? Let us know in the survey!


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