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Wedding Insurance, simplified.

You’re about to seal the deal in the most important ceremony of your life. What could possibly go wrong?

Uncle Joe might have a little too much punch and knock over an expensive statue at the venue. A waiter can spill some water, leading to a slip-and-fall injury. The best man’s speech can immortalize the humiliation of your younger days.

While we can’t keep the best man at bay, Thimble’s Wedding Insurance can help protect you from the other incidents. Whether you have a day-long event or a weekend getaway, wedding insurance can protect you even if you have an extended ceremony and celebration.

What is Wedding Insurance?

Wedding insurance is a type of special event insurance that protects you if your big day runs into big trouble. As with other types of liability insurance, wedding insurance can help shield hosts and event organizers from the financial consequences of bodily injury or property damage claims from third parties. It also provides liquor liability in case one of your guests over-indulges.

Like other liability insurance, wedding liability insurance provides protection should property damage or injuries occur during your event. While no one wants anything to go wrong during their wedding and reception, you can’t always control things. (Like in marriage.)

What does Thimble’s Wedding Insurance cover?

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. Like the old saying, our Wedding Insurance policy also has four main areas of coverage. These include scenarios such as:

Non-employee, third party bodily injury: Dance floors often become big slip-and-fall hazards where people may have a drink in one hand while dancing away. Should a guest injure themselves while dancing, you could be liable for their medical expenses as well as their pain and suffering.

Third-party property damage: Guests can get a bit rambunctious. If someone in your party damages tables, chairs, or anything else at the venue, you could be liable for the costs of replacing or repairing whatever is damaged.

Liquor liability: Friends and family can often be found overindulging in alcohol as they celebrate the moment you get hitched. Alcohol consumption could lead to injuries to themselves or others, which you can be liable for because you made drinks available to guests. With Thimble, liquor liability is included in your wedding coverage if you’re not selling alcohol, such as a BYOB or open-bar event.

Personal injury & advertising: Exciting and enthusiastic, weddings are times when folks celebrate— and sometimes go a bit too far. If during the celebration the speeches go beyond embarrassment and you are accused of slander, the personal injury coverage could come in handy.

Defense and investigation of claims: If someone brings an unfounded claim against you, you’ll still need professionals to investigate the claim and defend you. Save the big budget for the honeymoon. Rather than pay that out-of-pocket, your wedding insurance can provide the legal investigation, defense and settlement of claims.

How much does Wedding Insurance cost?

Wedding insurance is not expensive! Premiums depend on several factors that include how hazardous your event is, how many people are attending and whether you will need additional liquor liability coverage. Depending on the size of your wedding, you could get Thimble insurance for as little as $115.

Here is a range of costs for various sized events, without additional liquor liability:

Wedding Insurance Cost chart

Who needs Wedding Insurance?

Whether or not you need wedding insurance will depend on where you have your wedding and reception. Suppose you are renting a venue for the ceremony, the reception or both. In that case, you will likely be asked to provide a certificate of liability insurance demonstrating that you have at least $1 million in liability coverage.

If you are having an event at a private family venue where you aren’t required to obtain insurance, you might want to consider getting it anyway. Remember that all the same risks exist at home. You don’t want to start your new life with a costly claim looming over your financial security.

Keep in mind that you don’t need to absorb all of the liability. As you hire vendors such as wedding planners and caterers, you’ll want to ask them to obtain liability insurance, add you as an Additional Insured and get proof of insurance as well. (An Additional Insured is added to a liability policy to extend protection to you under the vendor’s policy.) Just because you are covered doesn’t mean that you want all claims, especially those you might not be responsible for, to fall under your policy.

For example, if a caterer spills scalding soup on a guest, this should fall under the caterer’s general liability insurance—even if you have wedding insurance. Thus, make sure you get that Certificate of Insurance from all your vendors naming you as an Additional Insured when planning your special day. If they need coverage, you can help them find vendor general liability insurance.

Tie the knot with Wedding Insurance

The start of “for better or for worse” is much easier when you’re protected from the worst. For peace of mind when you walk down the aisle (or plan someone else’s nuptials), Thimble’s Wedding Insurance: Helps protect you against the financial consequences of claims for bodily injury and property damage from third parties

Comes with liquor liability for most events, and the option to add liquor liability for those who need to purchase separate coverage.

Wedding Insurance FAQs

What if I only need one-day wedding insurance?

Thimble’s special event insurance is designed for short-term needs. Our policies will cover your event for one day up to five days. That includes setup and breakdown time. Cancel your policy anytime before the event to get a refund.

Do I need wedding insurance if my venue has commercial liability insurance?

You will need to have your own event insurance policy even though the venue has its own commercial liability insurance. In fact, most venues will require you to furnish a certificate of insurance (COI) that demonstrates your proof of insurance for the event.

Do I need wedding insurance if my event is held at a private home?

Liability exists even if you aren’t at a big venue, and you’ll want to have protection for your event. Check with the homeowners insurance provider to see if your policy provides coverage or get specialized event insurance to make sure you are protected for your big day.

What are Thimble’s special events coverage policy limits?

Our liability limits start at $1 million per occurrence with a $1 million aggregate. You can increase the liability limits to $2 million with a $2 million aggregate if you choose. The limit for damage to premises rented to you is $100,000.

Does Wedding Insurance via Thimble cover event cancellation?

No. Our policies do not cover event cancellation. However, your event insurance policy is fully refundable as long as it is canceled before the event start date/time.

I’m a wedding planner, do I need wedding insurance?

Yes, wedding planners need event insurance for every event. Plus, you should also carry event planner insurance for your business to cover everyday risks in marketing your services and planning weddings.

Cleaners and Janitors insurance protects your business from lawsuits, if you or your property accidentally hurts a third party or damages their property.

  • umbrella
    Bodily Injury
  • home
    Property Damage
  • gavel
    Legal Defense
  • stopwatch
    Medical Payments

Covered Activities

  • Car / Boat / Vehicle Washing or Detailing
  • Housekeepers
  • Janitorial Services including Carpet and Window Cleaning
  • Office Cleaning
  • Pressure Washing

Optional Add-Ons

  • Exterior Painting
  • Floor Waxing
  • HVAC
  • Plastering
  • Plumbing (other than a leaky faucet or toilet)
  • Snow / Ice Removal

Excluded Activities

  • Inspectors
  • Floor waxing during business hours or in commercial buildings with heavy foot traffic(malls, grocery / convenience / drug stores, hospitals, airports)
  • Performing Work over Three Stories in Height(30 Feet)

What's Not Covered by Your Policy

  • Activities Involving Firearms
  • Performing Work over Three Stories in Height (30 feet)
  • Work on 10 or More New Homes or New Residential Units in Any One Project or Development
  • See full policy for details

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