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Thimble makes Photographer's Insurance affordable.

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What is Photographer’s Insurance, and why do I need it?

The heartbeat of photography is creativity. But running a creative business is still running a business, and it’s imperative that you protect yourself and your company.

Thimble’s Photographer Insurance can protect you from the costs associated with claims for negligence, misrepresentation, and mistakes made on the job.

Every photographer needs general liability insurance and professional liability insurance, the two most essential policies for a business. If you don’t have them and something happens while you’re on the job, one big claim could cost enough to put you out of work.

With these two policies bundled together to create Thimble’s Photographer Insurance, you’ll have the protection you need to stay focused on building your business.

What is covered under the Photographer Liability Insurance policy?

Thimble’s Photography Insurance—including general liability and professional liability coverages—is built to protect photographers and videographers from the following:

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Bodily Injury

Say you’re on a busy set and your equipment is knocked over onto a client or bystander. You could be on the hook for thousands of dollars in their medical costs.

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Third-Party Property Damage

You and your team have been hired to do a shoot for a real estate company. If you’re getting the perfect exterior shot of the house and your camera falls on the car in the driveway, you could be liable for the damages to the car.

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Medical Expenses

You ask your model to step up onto a nearby ledge for the perfect shot. As the model is stepping down, they slip on accident and sprain their ankle. This person could sue you to cover their medical costs (not a great look).

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Defense Costs

You’re shooting in a crowded urban area. Later, the client discovers that they can’t use the photograph, because people in the background didn’t sign a release. If they sue you because the photos from the shoot were not edited properly, you may need a legal team to defend you in this suit.


Errors and Omissions

Having created and thoroughly reviewed a contract, a bit of confusing language around the deliverable was missed. Your client expected 100 fully-edited photographs delivered. You did deliver 100 finals, but only 50 of them are retouched. They could then sue for negligence.

How do I get a policy?

Getting a policy from Thimble is based on just a few things:
  • What do you do?
  • Where do you work?
  • How big is your team (crew)?
  • How long do you need coverage for?


Thimble makes small business insurance affordable, with plans that allow you to:
  • Get unlimited Certificates of Insurance (COI) for your clients
  • Add unlimited Additional Insureds at no additional charge
  • Receive a Waiver of Subrogation at no additional charge
  • Add crew members or change policy limits instantly
  • Pause or cancel anytime*


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