Thimble 101

How to Modify Your Policy

Thimble allows you to edit some details of your policy after purchase, including the named insured, Additional Insureds, and more. Once you make your changes, an updated certificate of insurance will be sent to your email immediately!

Common Questions


How do I view and share my General Liability certificate?

First, locate the policy for which you wish to view the certificate. Certificates are only available for purchased policies. “View Certificate” appears on the Policy Detail screen after you purchase a policy (the Congratulations Screen) or if you go to Certificates and Docs in the drawer menu then tap on a policy to view details.

Once you tap “View Certificate” your individual ACORD 25 certificate will load. If the policy has Additional Insureds, they will appear in the accordion menu at the top of the page. Tap to reveal the Additional Insureds, and tap on the Additional Insured you want to view their certificate pack (they will be the certificate holder and the pack will contain their Additional Insured endorsement adding them to the policy, as well as a Waiver of Subrogation and Primary and Noncontributory endorsement.

Need to share these documents? You can do it in a few taps. If you want to email the certificate pack, for example to an Additional Insured, simply tap on the mail icon in the bottom right of the screen. You may enter an email address and the certificate pack will be sent instantly. Or, if you want to use your phone’s built-in sharing function tap the sharing icon in the upper right and the OS menu will open.

May I report a Commercial General Liability claim by phone?

Yes. Call the Markel claims hotline at 800-362-7535 or fax 855-662-7535. You can report a claim 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Please note that these numbers should only be used to report or manage claims. For general inquiries and all other support, email to speak with an agent.

Can I purchase a CGL policy in advance of when I need it?

Yes! You may schedule policies up to six months in advance. When purchasing coverage on the web, you will be prompted with the question “How long will you need coverage?” On the policy builder in the mobile app, tap “Enter Your Dates” and then tap “Hourly,” “Daily,” or “Monthly.”

For hourly policies, select a start date, time, and duration. You may schedule down to one-hour intervals. For daily policies, select a start and end date on the calendar (all scheduled daily policies start at 12am). For monthly policies, select a start and end month.

When you have selected your timeframe, a quote for your coverage will appear in the bottom right corner of the screen on mobile. On the web, click “Show My Quote” after selecting your dates, and the quote will appear.

You will always be able to cancel your policy up to an hour before it starts for a full refund. This means you can go and bid for jobs requiring insurance, and then cancel the policy if you don’t win or don’t choose to proceed.


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